Emma’s birthday (entire set here):


Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park (entire set here):



I’m not feeling particularly pithy or creative this evening, so I have little to relay in the way of funny stories or anecdotes – simply put, these are some photos from Halloween of 2014 and then a visit down to Louisville, to visit a winery and then the Louisville Mega Cavern. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed being part of them!

A few from Halloween below – the rest here :


Louisville – a few here and the rest here:



Family Party

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Blake, Family and Friends, Paige, Peyton

In September 2014, we celebrated Peyton’s birthday and Blake’s baptism. It was a lovely afternoon, spent amongst family. As always, I shot a ton more photos than I’ll share on this blog, but the rest can be seen on my SmugMug page.



In the summer of 2014, our little family boarded a plane, a bus, and then a boat in order to travel the high seas; we hit Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. We hung out on the boat, we went to a turtle sanctuary, the Tortuga Rum outlet, a placed called Hell, and had lots of family time. We sailed Carnival Freedom and had an amazing experience while getting away from the real world for awhile. I took an unimaginable amount of photos, but I can only post so many – so the rest are on my SmugMug page.



Meeting Blake

Posted: October 30, 2016 in Blake, Emma, Family and Friends, Paige, Peyton, Taylor

On March 11, 2014, Mister Blake came into this world and made my brother a 4th time Dad; now that there was another little Griesser man to contend with, we were all feeling both excited and terrified. Hopefully, he will take after his mother.🙂 Because I couldn’t justify using my flash, I had to embrace the noise. Here are a few that I love, and the rest can all be seen here.

First visit:


After this most awesome of visits, it was a little while before we got to come hang out again. But when we did, little Mister Blake had done quite a lot of changing (as babies are wont to do). I’m including a few of the ones I love the most, but as always, I uploaded the entire batch on my SmugMug.


Again, from a long while ago; this one takes me back to 2014 in late winter and mid-Spring.

We had a lovely family day at the park one day when Emma needed to stretch her legs (and her lungs). Here are a few from the day, and the rest are here.


Then in Spring, we took Emma to the annual University of Dayton Alumni Easter Egg Hunt. I’m attaching my favorites, and here are the remainder.dsc_9581dsc_9596dsc_9604dsc_9651dsc_9680dsc_9710dsc_9726

Until next time…

XMas 2013

Posted: October 22, 2016 in Emma, Paige, Peyton

So, here’s the thing. I’m ONLY 3 years behind on photos. It’s been a busy few years here for us… but slowly, I’m going to work on getting this ol’ blog back up to speed.

Here’s Christmas of 2013 – from what I recall, I was fresh off a hysterectomy, Emma was two, Peyton was one, Paige was 3, Blakey was still in utero, and everyone came to our house to celebrate together. Here are some of my favorites, but here are the rest.

Christmas Morning:


Family Visit:


And obviously, nothing says Christmas like Netflix’s finest offering.