June 24th/Week 25

Nothing much to report here besides a trip to the local cemetary, storms, stormclouds, and uncooperative dogs going stir crazy…

I took a drive to the overlook at Woodland Cemetary, and it was another overcast day in Dayton.

But one of the headstone/monuments was very sweet.  This sweet-faced dog also had a young boy curled up next to him.  Makes you wonder what happened…

This was the sky shortly before the storm hit.

And this was the result of the sky opening.  Everything was drenched in a matter of moments.

Josie was NOT happy about being stuck inside again during all of the storms. 

As Josie stares wistfully towards the backdoor, I realize that she’s far too spoiled to go play in the rain like her brother.

But Buckley was certainly happy to go run around in the muddy yard.

At least I got his feet relatively clean.


June 17th/Week 24

So two awesome events happened over this past weekend. 

Firstly, Keith and I got to Paige-sit for the first time ever by ourselves.  It was an adventure.  My little crabcake was mostly very happy and giggly – until she got hungry.  Then she became a swirling tornado of rage.  But mostly she was awesome.  If you can’t tell, I am head over heels in love with this little girl.  I had no idea how quickly I was going to fall for my niece, but I fell hard and fast and I can’t stop taking photos of her beautiful little face!  I digress.

Secondly, it was our neighborhood’s annual Trash ‘n Treasure event, where there are 40+ neighbor’s having alley/yard/garage sales all over the ‘hood and people come from all around to hit us up.  So here’s what I’ve got – flowers, wildlife, people, and treasures.

BTW – to give proper credit, the first four photos were shot by Keith (obviously, since I’m IN the photos…)

June 10th/Week 23

So because I have an awesome husband who takes me awesome places, I have a blog rich with industrial waste.  Errr, industrial decay.  Errrr… um…. urban demo and decay.  Or something like that.  Also?  Wine festivals on 90-something degree days are not such a good idea.  I shall henceforth refer to this blog post series of photos “Wine and Abandonment”:


Obviously shot by Keith, who wants appropriate credit 🙂  Nicely done, honey.

June 3rd/Week 22

This week, nature has been a total jerk with temperature soaring into the high 90’s and even 100 at one point.  Between the heat wave, the general mugginess, and the fact that we are without central air conditioning, this photographer was NOT willing to go exploring.  So here are a few from my week in hiding.

75mm, 1/250, f/3.5, ISO 800 – I caught some plants out front just after a big rain. 

75mm, 1/125, f/7.1, ISO 400 – I found the most gorgeous orchids at our local Trader Joe’s.

60mm, 1/40, f/9, ISO 800 – They seemed to like it out on my front porch.

75mm, 1/100, f/5, ISO 800 – How beautiful is the inside of this orchid?  Seriously.  Nature is stunning sometimes.

75mm, 1/80, f/2.8, ISO 400 – This is the awesome glass eyeball paperweight Keith bought for me down in Kentucky.  How about THOSE catchlights?

75mm, 1/100, f/5, ISO 400 – And the first tiny wild strawberries of the season have shown up in our yard.  And in Buckley’s fur, not shockingly.

42mm, 1/125, f/3.5, ISO 200 – Finally, this is the absolutely GORGEOUS sky that I saw on the evening of the wedding of our two friends, Alex and Nancy.  I’d like to think that a sky like this means they will have a happy life together long into their golden years.