June 24th/Week 25

Nothing much to report here besides a trip to the local cemetary, storms, stormclouds, and uncooperative dogs going stir crazy…

I took a drive to the overlook at Woodland Cemetary, and it was another overcast day in Dayton.

But one of the headstone/monuments was very sweet.  This sweet-faced dog also had a young boy curled up next to him.  Makes you wonder what happened…

This was the sky shortly before the storm hit.

And this was the result of the sky opening.  Everything was drenched in a matter of moments.

Josie was NOT happy about being stuck inside again during all of the storms. 

As Josie stares wistfully towards the backdoor, I realize that she’s far too spoiled to go play in the rain like her brother.

But Buckley was certainly happy to go run around in the muddy yard.

At least I got his feet relatively clean.


11 thoughts on “June 24th/Week 25

  1. I love the sky in your first picture! It’s so dramatic.

    Aren’t dogs funny about rain? Mine get so excited to go out, then when I open the door, and they see how wet it is, I just get this look of utter disdain. Sounds like Josie and my dogs would get along swimmingly!

  2. The photos of the clouds and the rain is just fabulous, incredible capture on those rain drops! Your dogs are so sweet, as always!

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