July 29th/Week 30

This would be where I would normally say that I had a slow photo week and apologize. 

However – yes, it was a very slow photo week.  But I’m not sorry.  And why?  Because I get to dedicate this post solely to my Crabcake girl, Paige.  I got to drive up with my mom and see my brother, sister-in-law, and one of my nieces (Crabcake). 

If you can’t tell – she’s got very busy hands and can’t keep her tongue in her mouth right now. 🙂

(Loved this, and had some cloning help from Kim the cloning guru)

(clearly not a big fan of applesauce)

(beginning to dig the sauce)

(looking for more sauce)

And for the big question – which you do like better?  Original color, or my conversion to warm black and white?

July 22nd/Week 29

A few fun things happened this past week. 

First, this past Saturday, Keith threw me a kickass birthday cookout.  I assure that I was having far too much fun to take any great photos, but I got a couple fun shots and so did Keith.  Also, my dad and his wife sent me some BEAUTIFUL flowers on Monday, my actual b-day. 

Second, we went to an awesome underground tour of Cincy on Sunday with our friends.  It was hotter than a mutha until we got three stories underground – where it was a lovely 55.   I know several of the shots look similar, but I couldn’t decide which ones I liked the most.  So you get them all. 🙂

Finally, I managed to meet a funny little bird in my backyard and get him to stand still for long enough to get a shot.  Unfortunately, it’ll be his memorial photo since we found him legs to the sky in the yard a few hours later. 😦  RIP, my feathered friend. 

B-day Cookout on Saturday:


This is my lovely mom and her husband, Doug (I guess he’s kind of awesome, too).

Aaaaand this is what I captured in my basement around 11pm.  Thanks, boys (Keith, Brian, Steve, and Mark). 



My gorgeous flowers – thanks, Dad and Janet!

Sunday, the Queen City Underground tour:

Mr. Bird, in Memorium:

July 15th/Week 28

This week’s blog is in honor of my most awesome spouse, Keith. 

I was feeling uninspired this week.  I was trying to figure out where I could go to get some inspiration to photo-blog since the goal is one post per week all year long.  After thinking, and driving, and finally giving up and going home – I sat on my couch and wondered how other people found inspiration to be creative.  Then it hit me.  I know where at least ONE person finds their peace, creativity, inspiration – whatever you want to call it.  And that person, my friends, is my husband.

You see, I live in a very musical house.  Between the antique piano, the plethora of guitars and basses, the drum kit in the basement – it’s often a noisy place to live.  I tend to give Keith a hard time for having so many instruments laying around.  But the truth is that he is skilled with all of them, he loves playing them, and I love that they make him so happy.  There’s beauty in what he does with them, there’s beauty in seeing Keith so happy and relaxed, and there’s actually beauty in the lines of the instruments. 

So, honey, this one is for you!

July 8th/Week 27

This past weekend brought the Cityfolk festival in downtown Dayton on Friday night, a tour of the famous Westcott House in Springfield (by Frank Lloyd Wright) on Satuday, and another visit to the Cityfolk festival for fireworks on Sunday.  I got a kind of ridiculous amount of fireworks photos, and I will be posting every one that I edited.  So, prepare for about 30 total photos this week! So either A. Sorry, or B. You’re welcome!  All shots posted in the order they were taken.




This was taken about 2 or 3 hours before the fireworks started, when I staked out a spot down by the river.  But I wasn’t in a van down by the river. 🙂

In contrast, this was how nuts things got about 1 hour before the fireworks.  They started swarming and I had to really protect my spot since we all know that people, generally speaking, are pushy jerks. 🙂

Fireworks – all of these were taken at low ISO (100), narrow aperture (usually between f/16-f/22), and long exposure (anywhere from 6-25 seconds):

But by far, my absolute favorite shot of the night is this: 

I’m pretty happy with it… I love that you can clearly see the people on the bridge enjoying one awesome thing that Dayton has to offer!

Thanks for looking!

July 1st/Week 26

This was a pretty boring photo week.  Or maybe it wasn’t, and I was just lazy.  ToMAYto, ToMAHto. 

Maybe I’ll be better next week.  Maybe I won’t.  Stay tuned.

48mm, 25 second exposure, f/14, ISO 100 – This was an experiment with a long exposure shot of the little fire we had for the cookout at our friends’ house.  Interesting, but I think I’d change it up next time for a shorter exposure with a narrower aperture. 

FYI – I’m not posting setting for the other shots since they’re nothing exciting. 

A most excellent beer-tasting held by friends!

I’ve had California rolls twice this week already.  Really.  And I could go for a third order. 

And Keith surprised me with crazy daisies on Tuesday.  I love these flowers!