July 1st/Week 26

This was a pretty boring photo week.  Or maybe it wasn’t, and I was just lazy.  ToMAYto, ToMAHto. 

Maybe I’ll be better next week.  Maybe I won’t.  Stay tuned.

48mm, 25 second exposure, f/14, ISO 100 – This was an experiment with a long exposure shot of the little fire we had for the cookout at our friends’ house.  Interesting, but I think I’d change it up next time for a shorter exposure with a narrower aperture. 

FYI – I’m not posting setting for the other shots since they’re nothing exciting. 

A most excellent beer-tasting held by friends!

I’ve had California rolls twice this week already.  Really.  And I could go for a third order. 

And Keith surprised me with crazy daisies on Tuesday.  I love these flowers!


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