July 8th/Week 27

This past weekend brought the Cityfolk festival in downtown Dayton on Friday night, a tour of the famous Westcott House in Springfield (by Frank Lloyd Wright) on Satuday, and another visit to the Cityfolk festival for fireworks on Sunday.  I got a kind of ridiculous amount of fireworks photos, and I will be posting every one that I edited.  So, prepare for about 30 total photos this week! So either A. Sorry, or B. You’re welcome!  All shots posted in the order they were taken.




This was taken about 2 or 3 hours before the fireworks started, when I staked out a spot down by the river.  But I wasn’t in a van down by the river. 🙂

In contrast, this was how nuts things got about 1 hour before the fireworks.  They started swarming and I had to really protect my spot since we all know that people, generally speaking, are pushy jerks. 🙂

Fireworks – all of these were taken at low ISO (100), narrow aperture (usually between f/16-f/22), and long exposure (anywhere from 6-25 seconds):

But by far, my absolute favorite shot of the night is this: 

I’m pretty happy with it… I love that you can clearly see the people on the bridge enjoying one awesome thing that Dayton has to offer!

Thanks for looking!


9 thoughts on “July 8th/Week 27

  1. Wow, your fireworks shots are awesome! Love the water/fountain shot too, looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. I love your firework shots. You have some compositions that are unusual for fireworks, and I think they are just fabulous. Very creative.

  3. LOVE the fireworks! You got some great ones! An overall great post too, you passed along the festival mood. My favorite (besides the fireworks) is the close-up of the fountain with the blurred people strolling.

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