July 15th/Week 28

This week’s blog is in honor of my most awesome spouse, Keith. 

I was feeling uninspired this week.  I was trying to figure out where I could go to get some inspiration to photo-blog since the goal is one post per week all year long.  After thinking, and driving, and finally giving up and going home – I sat on my couch and wondered how other people found inspiration to be creative.  Then it hit me.  I know where at least ONE person finds their peace, creativity, inspiration – whatever you want to call it.  And that person, my friends, is my husband.

You see, I live in a very musical house.  Between the antique piano, the plethora of guitars and basses, the drum kit in the basement – it’s often a noisy place to live.  I tend to give Keith a hard time for having so many instruments laying around.  But the truth is that he is skilled with all of them, he loves playing them, and I love that they make him so happy.  There’s beauty in what he does with them, there’s beauty in seeing Keith so happy and relaxed, and there’s actually beauty in the lines of the instruments. 

So, honey, this one is for you!


12 thoughts on “July 15th/Week 28

  1. Nic, these are totally awesome! You’ve captured some wonderful perspectives here. Great work!!

  2. Enjoyed your text before the photos as much as the photos! Keith’s love for music to move his soul is only surpassed by his love for you – his soulmate!

  3. Seriously, I cannot pick a favorite! I love them all. I think a lot of these are canvas worthy as well!!

  4. These shots are so cool! You definitely need to display them in a collage in some space that belongs to your husband. My favorite is #3.

  5. Great detail shots! I especially love the volume knob shot. It’s so simple, but very powerful. Does Keith have a music room? if so, you should hang these there.

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