July 22nd/Week 29

A few fun things happened this past week. 

First, this past Saturday, Keith threw me a kickass birthday cookout.  I assure that I was having far too much fun to take any great photos, but I got a couple fun shots and so did Keith.  Also, my dad and his wife sent me some BEAUTIFUL flowers on Monday, my actual b-day. 

Second, we went to an awesome underground tour of Cincy on Sunday with our friends.  It was hotter than a mutha until we got three stories underground – where it was a lovely 55.   I know several of the shots look similar, but I couldn’t decide which ones I liked the most.  So you get them all. 🙂

Finally, I managed to meet a funny little bird in my backyard and get him to stand still for long enough to get a shot.  Unfortunately, it’ll be his memorial photo since we found him legs to the sky in the yard a few hours later. 😦  RIP, my feathered friend. 

B-day Cookout on Saturday:


This is my lovely mom and her husband, Doug (I guess he’s kind of awesome, too).

Aaaaand this is what I captured in my basement around 11pm.  Thanks, boys (Keith, Brian, Steve, and Mark). 



My gorgeous flowers – thanks, Dad and Janet!

Sunday, the Queen City Underground tour:

Mr. Bird, in Memorium:


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