August 12th/Week 32

This week was all the loveliness at Wegerzyn Gardens in Dayton, including an amazing and gigantic twig sculpture large enough to walk around in! 

The Dougherty Exhibit, according to the Wegerzyn Garden webpage, is “a one-of-a-kind outdoor sculpture at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark.  With more than 1000 hours of help from local volunteers–as well as the expert assistance of Five Rivers MetroParks personnel–Dougherty created a nearly 200-foot-long tunnel that coils sinuously around Wegerzyn’s North Plaza.  Woven entirely of willow branches that had been encroaching upon the fishing lakes at Englewood MetroPark, the sculpture has openings that invite the visitor to explore its rustic interior and to enjoy beautiful views of Wegerzyn’s formal gardens.”

Obviously my photos won’t do the scale justice, but you’ll get the idea!

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