September 9th/Week 36

This past weekend was glorious and busy.  Gloriously busy, you could say.  We attended an adoption shower for some friends on Friday, a 50th wedding anniversary party for my step-Grandparents Saturday, worked around the house Sunday, and went to our last season baseball game on Monday.  I didn’t take photos of all of those things, but I did manage to shoot the two parties and get some shots that I was pretty happy with! 

Adoption Shower:

Because our friends are all kind of awesome, the shower was thrown at the stadium of the Dayton Dragons, our local minor league baseball team.  It was pretty awesome. 🙂  And our friends looked SO happy.  Hopefully someday…

50th Wedding Anniversary Party:

And you guessed it – Crabcake was in the house, and as cute as always.  My older niece, Taylor, is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!  But the awesome thing is that she is not only so prettty – she’s also smart.  And athletic.  And a KIND person, and an amazing big sister.  I’m so proud of both my nieces!

The happy couple!

If my sister-in-law and niece weren’t so freaking sweet and easy to love, I’d resent them for their sheer gorgeousness…

Doug (Mom’s husband), and his dad seemed to covet the Crabcake…

And seriously.  How lovely is my mom?  I hope I got those genes…

Doug’s mom was having a Janet Jackson moment while opening the gifts.

I got a more traditional family shot, but frankly –  I think this is a much better representation of the Mossbarger clan.

And the aftermath of any good party… empty cans and plates.

And finally, I’d like to present my Crabcake in action, with a handsome little dude at the party:


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