September 16th/Week 37

Randomness this week, with no particular theme.  And none of these are arty or exciting, so don’t get all wound up when you’re bored halfway through my post. You’ve been warned….

Us eating breakfast at Second Street Market:

Our nursery is close to done – just need the bedding!

So HOW COOL are these decals!?  I had trouble deciding which ones I loved the most, but ended up with a bird and tree theme in the room.

So the bird decals were carefully chosen and lovingly placed on the walls in order to complement the canvas of my birds in a tree photo from this past winter.

We also love the furniture.  It’s nice a solid and a very pretty cider color. 

Quite simply the most comfortable glider/ottoman EVER.  And the stars and moon cast a very soothing glow when the overhead lights are off.  Perfect for reading to our kid. 🙂

This is the other canvas I ordered of one of my first shots with a nursery in mind. 

Lastly, this blanket is one I designed on Cafepress and ordered.  Perfect for our situation.  Our baby will be LOVED like no one else.

And finally, I collect things:

Now, ask me if I paint my nails.  Sure I do.  Like twice a year.

I also like to smell good. 

Chuck P. is the BEST WRITER.  I have all of his books.  And all of Stephen King’s, too.  And Dean Koontz.  And lots of others. 

And I have LOTS of Converse.  I have lived a lot of life and walked a lot of miles in these shoes.  And guess what?  They make baby Converse.  I’m sure I’ll have a collection of those, too. 🙂


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