October 28th/Week 43

So this week, Keith and I took a little while this past weekend to go to Huffman Dam.  It was another gorgeous fall day, and I’m always happy to spend some time outdoors this time of year.

But here’s what we saw first, spraypainted onto an overpass pillar.  Klassy, right?  Truthfully, it really made me laugh.  Because… seriously… who really feels this way?! 

And now, onto the actual park:

The next two shots were obviously taken by Keith:

And here’s my handsome husband:

But back to the trees:

And now, the obligatory Dood shots of the week:


October 21st/Week 42

Know how I love gorgeous architecture, clean lines, and strong colors in photos?  I have like 41 weeks worth of that stuff. 

Well, this post is missing all of those elements.  This week is fun with my UWA (ultra wide angle) Sigma 10-20 lens.  It’s my new toy, and it’s amazing what you can do with it.  So are these amazing photos?  Nope.  But it’s interesting glass  and it’s fun to play with! The distortion can add a lot to photos when done properly, IMO.

For instance – I can fit my entire backyard into one shot.  No, it’s not a huge yard – but I was standing in the doorway from my patio into the house when I took this. 

And you can get really funny photos of your animals, too.   Who doesn’t like a gigantic Buckley nose?  He let me get about 4 inches from his face – but of course, I had to clean off the nose prints from the filter as soon as I got too close.

And no joke – this was shot about 2 inches from Josie’s schnoz. She was a little more patient than Buckley.

So, in the end – no, I didn’t get any stellar shots this week.  But I got a chance to really play with the new lens, and I think I’ll love it a great deal for landscape and architecture shots when I get the time to get out and shoot!

October 14th/Week 41

This week is all about D.C.  We visited a few monuments, witnessed the Occupy D.C. protest, had dinner with some friends, and then per our tradition – we made sure to visit the zoo.  We try to do that in every city we travel to because we’re dorks.  As as per the usual, I have a truly ridiculous amount of photos.  My apologies.


At Union Station, it’s surprisingly lovely:

The Capitol building shot from a moving bus:

We got to visit the new Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial:

The Iwo Jima Memorial:

The Lincoln Memorial:

Washington Monument shot from the Lincoln Memorial:

Vietnam Veterans Statue:

Christopher Columbus Statue faces the Capitol building:

Even the Metro system underground is pretty architecturally interesting:

The White House:

Occupy D.C Protest:


This was a very casual elephant.

Friends, scenery, and other stuff:

Moscato zabaione, pink grapefruit and quince sorbet, and tiramisu with friends

Shar, Raf, and Ren – such lovely and chill people to hang with.

Keith also likes to take pictures.

And, in fact, this was his idea – I just copied.

This bench was shot by Keith, I just edited.  He likes color picture more, but I think this edited more interesting in black and white.  To-may-to, to-mah-to.

And this little girl was having a BALL running through the sprayers at the zoo.

October 7th/Week 40

Let me preface this whole post by saying that if the photos look bad this week – I’m not using my normal computer, so I can’t quite tell if my color/brightness/etc on these are totally off normal.

However – this past weekend we made it out to Young’s Dairy for their fall farm festival on Sunday.  We got to hang out with some goats, and eat some amazing cheese curds and pumpkin donut holes.  Loooovely.

There are a few random shots in here, too, including my first couple shots of D.C.  There will be more next week, I’m sure. 🙂

Yup.  Josie has her own recliner.

This bird seems to really like to nest in our porch – straight outta Angry Birds, that face is!

Some pretty weeds in our front yard

Young’s Dairy:

D.C. (so far):