October 7th/Week 40

Let me preface this whole post by saying that if the photos look bad this week – I’m not using my normal computer, so I can’t quite tell if my color/brightness/etc on these are totally off normal.

However – this past weekend we made it out to Young’s Dairy for their fall farm festival on Sunday.  We got to hang out with some goats, and eat some amazing cheese curds and pumpkin donut holes.  Loooovely.

There are a few random shots in here, too, including my first couple shots of D.C.  There will be more next week, I’m sure. 🙂

Yup.  Josie has her own recliner.

This bird seems to really like to nest in our porch – straight outta Angry Birds, that face is!

Some pretty weeds in our front yard

Young’s Dairy:

D.C. (so far):


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