October 14th/Week 41

This week is all about D.C.  We visited a few monuments, witnessed the Occupy D.C. protest, had dinner with some friends, and then per our tradition – we made sure to visit the zoo.  We try to do that in every city we travel to because we’re dorks.  As as per the usual, I have a truly ridiculous amount of photos.  My apologies.


At Union Station, it’s surprisingly lovely:

The Capitol building shot from a moving bus:

We got to visit the new Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial:

The Iwo Jima Memorial:

The Lincoln Memorial:

Washington Monument shot from the Lincoln Memorial:

Vietnam Veterans Statue:

Christopher Columbus Statue faces the Capitol building:

Even the Metro system underground is pretty architecturally interesting:

The White House:

Occupy D.C Protest:


This was a very casual elephant.

Friends, scenery, and other stuff:

Moscato zabaione, pink grapefruit and quince sorbet, and tiramisu with friends

Shar, Raf, and Ren – such lovely and chill people to hang with.

Keith also likes to take pictures.

And, in fact, this was his idea – I just copied.

This bench was shot by Keith, I just edited.  He likes color picture more, but I think this edited more interesting in black and white.  To-may-to, to-mah-to.

And this little girl was having a BALL running through the sprayers at the zoo.


One thought on “October 14th/Week 41

  1. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing this – I’m not tired of saying it – you are awesomely talented! I loooove the photos. I also enjoyed seeing you again 🙂

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