October 21st/Week 42

Know how I love gorgeous architecture, clean lines, and strong colors in photos?  I have like 41 weeks worth of that stuff. 

Well, this post is missing all of those elements.  This week is fun with my UWA (ultra wide angle) Sigma 10-20 lens.  It’s my new toy, and it’s amazing what you can do with it.  So are these amazing photos?  Nope.  But it’s interesting glass  and it’s fun to play with! The distortion can add a lot to photos when done properly, IMO.

For instance – I can fit my entire backyard into one shot.  No, it’s not a huge yard – but I was standing in the doorway from my patio into the house when I took this. 

And you can get really funny photos of your animals, too.   Who doesn’t like a gigantic Buckley nose?  He let me get about 4 inches from his face – but of course, I had to clean off the nose prints from the filter as soon as I got too close.

And no joke – this was shot about 2 inches from Josie’s schnoz. She was a little more patient than Buckley.

So, in the end – no, I didn’t get any stellar shots this week.  But I got a chance to really play with the new lens, and I think I’ll love it a great deal for landscape and architecture shots when I get the time to get out and shoot!


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