November 25th/Week 47

This week we had another bunch of visitors.  Emma got to meet her other grandparents (my dad and step-mom), her Aunt Laura and Uncle Kev (friends from college) and their daughter Ellia, and on Thanksgiving – we also got to introduce Emma to her Uncle Mike, Aunt Michelle, and her cousins Taylor and Paige (Crabcake).  Our Thanksgiving celebration was also combined with a first birthday party for Crabcake. And of course, there’s at least one superfluous Dood picture. 🙂

I have way too many photos to put on this blog, so you can find them all here.

And so it begins!

I call this “Please still love me?” Shot by Keith. 🙂

Grandpa and Grandma G


Guard Dood is taking a break.

 Cousin Ellia

Aunt Laura

Uncle Kevin

Thanksgiving/Crabcake’s 1st Birthday:


Uncle Mike’s first meeting with his first niece


Stinkerbell’s also in the spirit for celebration!

Cake coma is setting in…

But at least she’s sharing with her Grandma!

And my beautiful niece, Tay, with the newest member of the family. 🙂


November 18th/Week 46

Once upon a time, there were two people who wanted more than anything to have a baby to love and raise together.  So they tried.  And they tried some more.  And more again.  Appointments, procedures, medications, and still – there was no baby.  They were so sad, and so tired.

But four years later, a miracle arrived.

Two people – a loving and selfless birthmom and birthdad – well, they decided that it would be better for their baby girl to come home with us.  Not because they didn’t love her, or because they didn’t want her – but because they wanted her to have the best life possible.  So, on November 10th, 2011, the phone rang in early evening to tell us that it had begun and we needed to get there.

At 10:17pm, our Emma Christina was born.  5lbs, 14oz, and 18.25 inches long with a head full of red hair.  And our lives?  Complete.  And forever changed, thanks to the most generous, loving, and brave decision that two people can make.  We are now and will forever be grateful to you, C and C.  You are forever family to us and we are so excited that we can share our lives and Emma’s life with you.

And now – an obscene amount of photos from Emma’s first week of life.  She had lots of visitors, lots of naps, lots of bottles, and more love than one person could handle.



Grandma and Grandpa Mossbarger

Grandma and Grandpa Klein

Aunt Shannon

November 11th/Week 45

Sorry it’s day late, kids.  Had some family things come up!  But here’s what I got this past week – a trip down to Cincinnati with my amazing mom to make fused glass pendants and a fun bowling date with my darling husband.

Not my finest effort, but you can’t win them all! Also, these are the first shots with my new Nikon D7000 – I am still learning it, so be gentle.

It was just GORGEOUS outside early this week.

This was the first pendant I made – we’ll see how it turns out after the kiln!

And this was the one Mom and I made together, for reasons that shall become obvious over the next little while.

This was the one my mom made – she’s very talented! And if you can’t tell, her favorite color is purple. 🙂

Keith and I wear the same size bowling shoes.  But I couldn’t seem to convince him to steal them for me.  Booooo.

We had our choice of some truly technicolor balls (that’s what she said).

And while we only played two games (Keith won the first, I won the second) – he did beat me on pin average.  THIS TIME.

November 4th/Week 44

About a week and a half ago, I was contacted by a friend who asked if I’d be willing to take some maternity shots for her and her husband.  But this wasn’t your typical maternity shot request.  See, my friend is pregnant with a beautiful baby boy who happens to have been diagnosed with Trisomy 18.

Trisomy 18 happens when, at conception, the chromosomes of the mother and father combine in a way that makes three copies of the 18th chromosome.  It’s nothing that can be prevented and nothing that the parents did wrong or could have done differently.  Sometimes this just happens – in fact, it happens in roughly 1 out of 3000 live births.  It’s a very serious condition and the prognosis is generally very poor.  For more information on this syndrome, go to the Trisomy 18 Foundation.

So when my friend asked me for this – there was simply no way I could refuse.  Am I a professional?  No.  Do I have experience in maternity photography?  No. 

BUT – if this is all I CAN do, I’d damn well give it my best shot.  As in the case of a Trisomy 18 diagnosis, time was of the essence.  So on this past Saturday, I took some time to go over to their house.  My friend looked beautiful and her husband was a very proud papa, but there was also some grief and sadness evident.  It was a touching experience and I will be forever changed from knowing these folks. 

Enough rambling – here are a few of my favorites.