November 18th/Week 46

Once upon a time, there were two people who wanted more than anything to have a baby to love and raise together.  So they tried.  And they tried some more.  And more again.  Appointments, procedures, medications, and still – there was no baby.  They were so sad, and so tired.

But four years later, a miracle arrived.

Two people – a loving and selfless birthmom and birthdad – well, they decided that it would be better for their baby girl to come home with us.  Not because they didn’t love her, or because they didn’t want her – but because they wanted her to have the best life possible.  So, on November 10th, 2011, the phone rang in early evening to tell us that it had begun and we needed to get there.

At 10:17pm, our Emma Christina was born.  5lbs, 14oz, and 18.25 inches long with a head full of red hair.  And our lives?  Complete.  And forever changed, thanks to the most generous, loving, and brave decision that two people can make.  We are now and will forever be grateful to you, C and C.  You are forever family to us and we are so excited that we can share our lives and Emma’s life with you.

And now – an obscene amount of photos from Emma’s first week of life.  She had lots of visitors, lots of naps, lots of bottles, and more love than one person could handle.



Grandma and Grandpa Mossbarger

Grandma and Grandpa Klein

Aunt Shannon


18 thoughts on “November 18th/Week 46

  1. Oh my gosh. I made the mistake of reading this at work. Tears. I am so happy for you both. The pictures are gorgeous, as is Emma. I am at a loss for words for how wonderful this all is. Congrats!!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful and I am so so happy for you. I know I keep saying that, but I just don’t have better words. Congratulations to all three of you!

  3. What a beautiful story! Emma is amazing and so loved, it brought me to tears. I am so happy for your whole family. This makes my heart smile.

  4. Words can’t express how beautiful this is. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW – Bio Dad and Keith share resemblances… are you sure they’re not related?!? 🙂

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