December 2nd/Week 48

Short week.  Exhausting week, too.  But Emma is perfect and we are having lots of really cool moments (hence the camera not always being pulled out).  So, sorry, but only a few shots this week!

She enjoyes napping with Dad (who is already wrapped around her tiny finger).

And our girl has no worries in the world besides eating, sleeping, and messing up diapers.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Chad came to visit (and brought us some DELICIOUS City Barbeque).

And this kid pulls A LOT of faces.  But they’re all pretty damn cute. 🙂


2 thoughts on “December 2nd/Week 48

  1. omg..I can’t get enough of her! she is so cute!!! and how many people have told you she looks like Keith??!!! Wish I was there to see her in person!

  2. I totally love the first photo, but I’m a sucker for dads and kids. Beautiful! But most important, you sound so happy, and I love that!

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