December 16th/Week 50

Ok, so you all might not know this – but it’s really freaking hard to get out of the house with a newbie.  So once again, it’s all Emma.  Not that it’s a bad thing, because she’s pretty damn cute.  She turned a month old, which seems really fast to me… Maybe next week there’ll be a better chance to get a new subject up in this place. 🙂  For now… here’s Stinkerbell!

She’s just the most curious little monkey I’ve ever seen.  Always super alert when she’s not sleeping…

And now she makes eye contact and will sometimes smile back at you when you smile and talk to her!

She’s definitely going to be a busy little girl once she’s up and moving.  She’s intense!  And she’s so smart, too.

 So happy one month birthday, my sweet Emma Christina.  We are so happy that you are our daughter!


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