December 30th/Week 52

So this is it.  Week 52.  The big question is – should I try this again for another year, or has it run it’s course and I just need to let it go?  Hmmmm.


So Christmas was this week.  To be clear, Emma’s FIRST CHRISTMAS was this week.  And it was awesome.  We got lots of family time, she got to travel to Cleveland with us to meet my Mom’s whole family for the first time (including her great-grandparents), and all said it was another awesome holiday with our Stinkerbell.  I won’t post all 46 photos here, but you can see the rest here.

(shot by Keith)

Festivus for the rest of us.  Keith’s been a part of this tradition for many, many years now.

(shot by Keith)

(shot by Keith – 4 generations)


5 thoughts on “December 30th/Week 52

  1. Go another year. . . I’m loving all the Emma updates!!

    I have to say the picture of Emma laying in the wrapping paper is genius!!! And I totally love the one in her pink snowflake jacket with her big bright eyes!!! You are so lucky Nic!

  2. Awesome!!! Well, I can understand making photo requirements (52 week, 365 day blogs) is a big commitment, especially with a new baby to enjoy, so I wouldn’t blame you if you slack a bit. 😛

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