February 13th/Week 6

So on February 5th, we were lucky enough to have a baby shower hosted for us by our group of good friends who have also been through the adoption process.  We started getting together with them before we had actually fully decided to pursue adoption.  In the end, every member of the group has adopted.  It’s pretty amazing.

This weekend, Emma also got to meet her Aunt Beth and Uncle Phil for the first time in person.  It was a lovely visit, and Emma’s a lucky girl to have so many people to love her.  Here are a few from the events, but the whole collection is here.

Adoption Shower: 

This might be the saddest photo I’ve ever taken. Poor, sad, neglected puppy.

Everything was strawberries – and everything was delicious!

Emma may have found her first boyfriend – they were babbling at each other an awful lot.

Aunt Beth and Uncle Phil:

Phil is Keith’s little brother.

And his wife, Beth, is the awesome lady who makes Emma all the adorable hats.  She is a talented knitter!

Random Emma from the week:

And finally, Emma’s official 3-month photo:


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