April 16th/Week 15

We celebrated Easter in Chicago this past weekend (yup, 2 different blog posts) with Keith’s family, including a visit to Elk Park – and yes, there are elk running around.  Well, ok, it was more like sitting and napping, but still.  It was an exhausting weekend, and our first weekend traveling with Emma. There is definitely a learning curve!  But it was a lovely visit, and when we got back home we also got to celebrate with my mom.  Emma also attended her first baseball game – and we had killer seats!  She’ll have to get used to our regular season seats after this, sadly.  And finally, the most important event – Emma turned 5 months old!  She’s getting so big, so quickly.  We are SO LUCKY. I’ll only post a handful of shots, as usual, but the rest are here.

Chicago Easter:


Dragons game:

Easter at home: 

Emma’s 5-month shoot:

Third Choice:


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


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