April 23rd/Week 16

There was a little surprise early this week, when a squadron of b-52 Bombers did a fly-over that happened to be in a path right over my office.  It was pretty awesome, and although I didn’t get out there as fast as I’d have liked, I did catch a couple cool shots.  We also had a visit from one of my nieces and my sister-in-law Saturday morning, shortly before an awesome fundraiser for a tavern that a group of fine folks are trying to rehab in my neighborhood.  All said, it was another good week.  Here are a few of my favorites, and here are the rest.

B-52 Fly-By:

Family Visit: 

Paige was showing Emma how to read:

And how to give the puppies in the book kisses:

And then how to give your favorite cousin a smooch on the head (heart explodes from cuteness):

And finally, how to help when there are people smaller than you around (for instance, how to give a baby a pacifier):

Tavern Fundraiser:

And the most awesome photo of all – Emma’s first visit to the St. Anne’s Tavern (not really, don’t call social services on me):

Thanks for the idea, Al. 🙂


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