April 30th/Week 17

This was a busy week for the Klein household.

I managed to pop up to Columbus with Miss Emma to vist some friends, which was pretty awesome.  Besides that,  I had a fabulous date with my fabulous husband at a fundraiser for Stivers School for the Arts, which happens to be right next to our neighborhood, followed by a movie and drinks/dessert at a restaurant overlooking the city.  The fundraiser was pretty sweet – it was for Stivers ceramics department where you chose a handmade bowl, and get it filled with some delicious soups from awesome local restaurants, along with dessert and punch/water.  It was awesome, and we got some super-cool bowls to take home.  Saturday the 28th was the March for Babies, which held a special place for me this year. I’m proud to say that my friend’s team rasied just over $1270 for the March of Dimes this year.

Here are some of the shots I love, but here are the rest (there are seventy-some all-said).

The Emmas (aka Emma the Red and Emma No-Legs)

Date Night:

March for Babies: 


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