May 7th/Week 18

So, let’s be honest here for a moment. Not every week is going to have interesting stories.  This is one of them. We had rain, rain, rain, and heat, heat, heat all week, so it was pretty ugly here.  But we did get to celebrate Keith’s birthday, go to the drive-in movies for about half a hour before Emma freaked and I gave up, and see the “Super Moon”.  There you have it.  Hopefully it’ll be better this week!



4 thoughts on “May 7th/Week 18

  1. Nic, I have to say this might be my favorite set so far! Don’t get me wrong, I love your pics of Emma, and you’re wonderful neighborhood, but your nature pics just can’t be beat! It’s amaizing how perfectly you capture the rain drops! And you totally captured the nostalgia of the drive in. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Nic, I have to say I think this is my favorite set so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love your pics of Emma, and your wonderful neighborhood, but nothing beats your nature pics. The way you perfectly capture the rain drops. . . fabulous!! And the nolstagia of the drive in really comes through in those pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

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