June 25th/Week 25

We went on a date this week. We needed it. Mom was kind enough to babysit, and although we were both very tired and very sick, we took full advantage and got out of the house.  We visited Little Saigon, this hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant. You know these places.  Very nondescript, you might drive right by it, but the food is AMAZING. The staff is WONDERFUL. And it’s one of our favorite restaurants. Their meal-sized soups (Pho) are just incredible, and perfect when you’re feeling ill.  After dinner, we visited a local graffiti wall so I could finally get some shots of it. I’ve been wanting to do this for the last year or so. Finally, we went to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  It was actually pretty decent. Anyway, here are a few from our night out!

Little Saigon:

Graffiti Wall:

And my favorite of the night:


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