July 30th/Week 30

Hi, all.  Thanks to a change in plans, we made it to see my brother/SIL’s new house. It was AH-MAZING.  But even cooler – Em got to hang with cousin Paige, who is just about a year older.  Antics ensued and were captured as best I could with a speed demon toddler, a very curious and busy baby, and boxes calling out to both girls.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.

Emma played with the stools in the basement.  Good practice standing, I guess.

Then she was checking out her Uncle Mike.  She’s as confused as the rest of us. 🙂 (love you, big bro)

She practiced climbing stairs.

She hung with her GORGEOUS oldest cousin, Taylor.

It was chaotic, and loud, and amazing.

Uncle Mike had some playtime with Emma.

Paige and Emma played ball. Paigey was kind enough to share very nicely.

It was stiff competition. But fun was had.

Paigey was enjoying the attention and sunlight.

She enjoyed some hugs from Grandma.

It was an intense afternoon, and Emma was zoning out a little by the end of it.

But sweet Paige was still going strong.

She was mostly just hungry.  

After a nice hug…

And a very intense and determined smooch…

The afternoon was over and we said goodbye, got in the car, and Emma passed out immediately.


July 23rd/Week 29

We took Emma to the Columbus Zoo.  Seriously, for her benefit. Surely not just so that I could take some photos – it was definitely for Emma’s sake.  Heh. Actually, Emma mostly loved the zoo and went BONKERS over the aquarium section.  It was a really fun day.  I did, by the way, decide that my next pet will be a flying fox because… THEY.ARE.AWESOME.   We also got to have an unexpected but very welcome meetup with Emma’s birthmom.  So here are some favorites, and the rest can be found here.

July 16th/Week 28

On this Tuesday past, Emma turned 8 months old. I cannot believe how fast this little booger is growing! She’s practically an adult already. 🙂  We also took a little day trip as a family to Carillon Historical Park right near our house. This park is expansive, and contains exhibit after exhibit of Dayton historical artifact and stories. They recently added the Carousel of Dayton Innovation – and every figure is an example of a Dayton original.  Emma was fascinated. Here are a few from the week, but the rest are all here.

And most importantly, Emma’s 8-month photo:

July 9th/Week 27

One word: Airshow.

That’s the only word of the week, really.

My mom took Em, and I got to spend the day at the Vectren Dayton Airshow with Keith. We walked around a LOT, and didn’t spend enough time out of the sunshine.  So I am fried to a crisp, frankly, but the photos are well worth the pain. Here are some of my favorites, but all 50-something are here.

July 2nd/Week 26

Well, hello there!  So we missed the City fireworks this weekend, thanks in part to Emma being sick.  Bah.

However – before she got sick again, we took her to the Riverscape fountains for the first time.  She got to splash around in the water, try out one of her new swimsuits, and wave her arms at all of the geese.  It was pretty cute, though she was NOT a fan of the water.  We’ll get there.  Here are some of my favorites, but here are the rest.

Edited to add: I should mention that Keith took the shots of me with my girl – he got so many that I loved. I’m so happy that I have a husband who was willing to learn my camera!  Thanks, Keith! ❤