September 24th/Week 38

We had a CRAZY week in the Klein house last week. Not only did we have some time off, not only was my mom in the hospital with meningitis all week, but we managed to get to the park, to Newport Aquarium, and up to Columbus to visit family, as well.  Here’s a selection of the ones I was happiest with – but there are a TON more of them here.

Bomberger Park:


Newport Aquarium:



September 20th/Week 37

Sorry this is late – but better a few days late than never, right?  This past week we went to Urban Nights downtown, took the dogs to the dogpark, and celebrated Emma’s 10-month birthday.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.


Urban Nights:


10 Months:

September 12th/Week 36

Monday of this past week, we got to go visit our friends up in Columbus. Emma (the red) had a playdate with her friend, Emma (no legs).  There would be more photos, but let’s be honest – it’s HARD to get anything good of two 10-month olds who have little to no interest in doing anything but cruising and crawling all over the place.

Above and beyond that, though, is the awesomeness who is my new niece, Peyton. She was born 9/6 and we got to go meet her for the first time on Friday.  She is a little dollface and I already love her to pieces.

Anyhow, here are a few that I love and the rest are here.


Baby Peyton:

September 5th/Week 35

There are some weeks where it’s a struggle to get a single shot worth sharing.  This was one of those weeks.   So here it is – the single shot worth sharing. Emma was eating, and Josie joined her. And it was adorable.

Babies = cute.

Dogs = cute.

But dogs + babies = unbelievably, heart-wrenchingly, sugar-rush directly to the soul sweet.

Is it a technically perfect shot?  Nope. But it’s a perfect shot of our life, which isn’t technically perfect either. 🙂

ETA: it occurred to me this morning that I never actually hit “publish” on this post Wednesday. Derp.