October 31st/Week 43

Once again, we met up with Emma’s birth family for dinner last weekend. As always, it was a pleasant evening.  They’re really cool people.  But the kind of BIG thing that happened last week was that on Tuesday, President Obama and VP Biden both came to Dayton to speak at a rally together.  The crowds were HUGE, the tickets were gone very quickly, and it was incredibly inspiring to see such a large group of people getting along together so well.  The speech itself wasn’t all that long, but it meant the world to those of us who had been waiting in line for hours to get in.  If you make it through to the end of this blog, there MIGHT be a special sneak peek of our Halloween.  Per usual, here are a few of my favorites – but the rest can be viewed here.



Taken by Keith – he was much braver in his attempt to get to the front of the crowd.

Halloween Preview:


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