November 5th/Week 44

It was a spoooooooky Halloween week. Well, really it wasn’t so much spooky as adorable. Emma was a strawberry, and she mostly dealt with it very well. Other than that, we got to go to the Pumpkin Glow as a little surprise family date and it was incredible.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.

Halloween Outtakes: (you saw the Halloween shot last week)

Me: “Emma, Eeeeeeemmmmmaaaa, look at Mama!”

Em: “What’s in the pumpkin, Mama? What’s the shiny shiny light?”

Me: “Emma, you can’t eat that! No, honey!”

Emma: “Wanna bet?”

Emma:   ::bites::  “WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH my teeeeeeeeth huuuuurt!”

Me: “Ok, Em, look at this! It’s so green and weird and interesting and stop crying pleeeease!”

Em: “Ok, my heart is basically broken and you’re trying to distract me with OMG THIS THE MOST INTERESTING THING EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD LOOOOOK AT HOW IT STACKS!”

And of course, there are always brightly colored candy bags. Too bad she’s far too young, eh?

The Halloween Shot (from last week):

Pumpkin Glow:


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