November 28th/Week 47

Ok, so. Let me preface this post by saying that I am using a different computer to go through my photos. So the watermark changed, and the photos may actually look different since the colors and brightness can vary by monitor when you’re not calibrated.  There’s a good chance that this post may disappear when I get back to the normal comp and see how they look at that point. For now, though, here’s what I’ve got.

As we all know, last week brought us Thanksgiving.  Along with Thanksgiving, it was also my niece’s 2nd birthday party (cowgirl-themed).  So we traveled down to hang out with my brother and his family for the day.  Here are a few that I love, and the rest can be found in my SmugMug page.

Paige likes to play shy at first…

…until you introduce the cake.

Then she’s quite happy to give you a grin.

My brother, Mike, is a seriously great dad. 

What a gorgeous family, right?

Keith was kind enough to take this shot.  

Peyton was flying high…

…and giving me big grins.

Emma kept herself pretty well entertained chasing toys and cousins around.

And the birthday girl totally earned her nickname – RamPaige.


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