December 5th/Week 48

This was a very dry photo week for me. I traveled to D.C. for a work conference. We were in classes all day, and by the time we were done it was already dark. S I didn’t get much time to shoot, unfortunately. Forgive me?

So the conference was at the Ritz-Carlton Tyson’s Corner. One of the first visuals upon walking in was this staircase.


And this chandelier – just one of dozens.



There was an entire village made of gingerbread houses.


And my favorite, of course, was the metro. I love how it’s lit.



The trip was great, the conference was really interesting, and I got to meet up with friends while I was there.  Even with the lack of photography time,  I’d call it an overall win.

2 thoughts on “December 5th/Week 48

  1. I’m so sorry I missed seeing you. I had meant to email you about getting together but then the week just got really busy. I hope you had a nice trip.

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