Thanksgiving 2016

I love my family. Deeply, wholly, and forever. So when my brother and SIL initiated a conversation about using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get out of town for a weekend, everyone included, we jumped at the chance. We all bundled into our cars and met up at Murphin Ridge Inn in West Union, OH. We spent time together, drank and ate all our meals together, and let the kids run wild in the countryside getaway. It was awesome and perfect.  These are my people and I love them greatly. These are some of my best shots, but you can see every one here.





I will link the photo page here, but I’m just going to post all of these because I LOVE them. The first two shots are from my back patio – the rest are from a parking area near downtown Dayton, OH. It was a rainy, windy, smokey night – but I love them all anyway!