You know it’s THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR when I get to go out and shoot fireworks photos! I mean, besides that the weather is hot and humid and I’m typically miserable while it’s all happening… but… FIREWORKS! Normally, I’d choose just a few to share – but because FIREWORKS(!!!!) I’m just going to post them all. High-res here, per the usual.



Belgium 2018

On a whim, our family decided to go to Belgium for a vacation this year. We had a nice mix of doing things and seeing things, and getting in some downtime. We stayed in Brussels, but visited Bruges and traveled to Amsterdam for a day. All said, it was a really gorgeous part of the world and I’d go back in a heartbeat. Here are some of my favorite photos, but the entire high-res set is here.


Hocking Hills 2017

Yeah, these are pretty old photos. Back in 2017, we took a family trip to Hocking Hills for a weekend away. We rented this cool little cabin, surrounded by woods, and spent the weekend hiking and playing and generally hiding from other people. We talked, we laughed, we napped, and we caught up with each other’s lives. It was lovely. Here are the photos from the weekend. As always, the full, high-res set is on here.