Lots to Catch Up On

My oh my, how time flies. This post is just going to be a mish-mash of catch-up photos. I will likely post more photos here than anyone really wants to see. However, as always, the full galleries will be included via link by topic.  Without further adieu…

Baseball and Bridges: We had our first season Dragons game, and then I got to photograph some bridges again. Gallery here.


Another Easter: So my dad came in from Virginia, and we decided to do a little late Easter celebration with my brother and his adorable family since my dad never really sees our families together. We had a lovely time, and here are a few of my favorite shots.  Gallery here.


Roses: So it was the day after Mother’s Day, and I was shopping. I came across this bin of sad, lonely, half-priced roses that no one ever bought for their Mom. Don’t read anything into this – my Mother’s Day was FABULOUS.  But I decided to pick up a dozen because they were just too pretty, and it gave me a grand reason to pull out my macro lens.  Gallery here.


And, finally….

Carlyssa Visits: We hadn’t seen Emma’s birthmom since her birthday party in November. So when we finally get together again, we had such a lovely visit. She spent most of the day with us, and we walked to the park and let Emma play for awhile.  Then we came home, fed the kid, had our own dinner, and chilled out.  Gallery here.


The End. 🙂


Catch-Up: Part 4

Mother Nature decided to screw with us once more, and we had a HUGE snowstorm last week.  It was gorgeous to look at, and not so much fun to be out in. But I love the snow and I always have.  Here’s what our neighborhood looks like during a good snow. The rest of the shots are here.


December 5th/Week 48

This was a very dry photo week for me. I traveled to D.C. for a work conference. We were in classes all day, and by the time we were done it was already dark. S I didn’t get much time to shoot, unfortunately. Forgive me?

So the conference was at the Ritz-Carlton Tyson’s Corner. One of the first visuals upon walking in was this staircase.


And this chandelier – just one of dozens.



There was an entire village made of gingerbread houses.


And my favorite, of course, was the metro. I love how it’s lit.



The trip was great, the conference was really interesting, and I got to meet up with friends while I was there.  Even with the lack of photography time,  I’d call it an overall win.

November 20th/Week 46

Two pretty awesome things happened this past week.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to go take photographs of the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center in downtown Dayton. It’s their 10-year anniversary of opening, and they’re having a photo contest to celebrate. In order to take photographs inside, you were asked to schedule an appointment.  So I did. While access was still very limited, it was an awesome opportunity and I took full advantage.

On Saturday, Keith and I took Emma up to the Franklin Park Conservatory to enjoy an afternoon together. The grounds were beautiful, and the indoor gardens were pretty amazing.

Per the usual, here’s a small selection of my favorites – and the rest can be found here.

Franklin Park Conservatory:

Schuster Center:

November 5th/Week 44

It was a spoooooooky Halloween week. Well, really it wasn’t so much spooky as adorable. Emma was a strawberry, and she mostly dealt with it very well. Other than that, we got to go to the Pumpkin Glow as a little surprise family date and it was incredible.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.

Halloween Outtakes: (you saw the Halloween shot last week)

Me: “Emma, Eeeeeeemmmmmaaaa, look at Mama!”

Em: “What’s in the pumpkin, Mama? What’s the shiny shiny light?”

Me: “Emma, you can’t eat that! No, honey!”

Emma: “Wanna bet?”

Emma:   ::bites::  “WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH my teeeeeeeeth huuuuurt!”

Me: “Ok, Em, look at this! It’s so green and weird and interesting and stop crying pleeeease!”

Em: “Ok, my heart is basically broken and you’re trying to distract me with OMG THIS THE MOST INTERESTING THING EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD LOOOOOK AT HOW IT STACKS!”

And of course, there are always brightly colored candy bags. Too bad she’s far too young, eh?

The Halloween Shot (from last week):

Pumpkin Glow:

October 22nd/Week 42

Thanks to Groupon, this past weekend we took a trip down to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, OH.  It was INCREDIBLE.  The park was amazing, the weather was perfect, and we had an absolute ball wandering around and letting Emma roll around in the leaves and grass.  I took a LOT of photos, and couldn’t narrow it down below my favorite 40.  So, here are the ones that set my heart aflutter, but here is the rest of the group.  And if you ever have a chance to visit this park – GO. It’s just incredible.

September 24th/Week 38

We had a CRAZY week in the Klein house last week. Not only did we have some time off, not only was my mom in the hospital with meningitis all week, but we managed to get to the park, to Newport Aquarium, and up to Columbus to visit family, as well.  Here’s a selection of the ones I was happiest with – but there are a TON more of them here.

Bomberger Park:


Newport Aquarium: