July 8th/Week 27

This past weekend brought the Cityfolk festival in downtown Dayton on Friday night, a tour of the famous Westcott House in Springfield (by Frank Lloyd Wright) on Satuday, and another visit to the Cityfolk festival for fireworks on Sunday.  I got a kind of ridiculous amount of fireworks photos, and I will be posting every one that I edited.  So, prepare for about 30 total photos this week! So either A. Sorry, or B. You’re welcome!  All shots posted in the order they were taken.




This was taken about 2 or 3 hours before the fireworks started, when I staked out a spot down by the river.  But I wasn’t in a van down by the river. 🙂

In contrast, this was how nuts things got about 1 hour before the fireworks.  They started swarming and I had to really protect my spot since we all know that people, generally speaking, are pushy jerks. 🙂

Fireworks – all of these were taken at low ISO (100), narrow aperture (usually between f/16-f/22), and long exposure (anywhere from 6-25 seconds):

But by far, my absolute favorite shot of the night is this: 

I’m pretty happy with it… I love that you can clearly see the people on the bridge enjoying one awesome thing that Dayton has to offer!

Thanks for looking!


July 1st/Week 26

This was a pretty boring photo week.  Or maybe it wasn’t, and I was just lazy.  ToMAYto, ToMAHto. 

Maybe I’ll be better next week.  Maybe I won’t.  Stay tuned.

48mm, 25 second exposure, f/14, ISO 100 – This was an experiment with a long exposure shot of the little fire we had for the cookout at our friends’ house.  Interesting, but I think I’d change it up next time for a shorter exposure with a narrower aperture. 

FYI – I’m not posting setting for the other shots since they’re nothing exciting. 

A most excellent beer-tasting held by friends!

I’ve had California rolls twice this week already.  Really.  And I could go for a third order. 

And Keith surprised me with crazy daisies on Tuesday.  I love these flowers!