Lantern Festival

Towards the very end up 2016, Keith drove us up to Columbus, OH, to the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival. There’s not a ton I can say about it besides that it was amazing. And freezing. But mostly amazing. Here‘s the whole set of photos.



Dayton Airshow, Supermoon 2013, and Fireworks

The airshow this year was gorgeous, but SO HOT. Emma got to watch the planes, play in a bouncy house, and meet a police puppy.

The supermoon was amazing. I am fascinated by stars and the moon, but since I live in a city it’s hard to catch things most of the time because of the ambient light.

The fireworks – well. I’m sure they would have been even more incredible had we not had a downpour that ruined most of my chances to get any shots, so I worked with what I had. I got a few shots I really liked.

Per the usual, all of the shots are here – but my favorites are below.


October 31st/Week 43

Once again, we met up with Emma’s birth family for dinner last weekend. As always, it was a pleasant evening.  They’re really cool people.  But the kind of BIG thing that happened last week was that on Tuesday, President Obama and VP Biden both came to Dayton to speak at a rally together.  The crowds were HUGE, the tickets were gone very quickly, and it was incredibly inspiring to see such a large group of people getting along together so well.  The speech itself wasn’t all that long, but it meant the world to those of us who had been waiting in line for hours to get in.  If you make it through to the end of this blog, there MIGHT be a special sneak peek of our Halloween.  Per usual, here are a few of my favorites – but the rest can be viewed here.



Taken by Keith – he was much braver in his attempt to get to the front of the crowd.

Halloween Preview:

October 15th/Week 41

This past week saw Emma’s 11-month birthday (::gasp::::sob::), and a trip out to the EcoFarm for a Farm Fest.  The weather was beautiful, the food was excellent, the freshly-pressed cider was amazing, and the pumpkins were plentiful.  As always, here are a few and here are the rest.


Emma’s 11-Month Shoot (there were a few good ones to choose from):

But the winner, and an ode to Spinal Tap:

July 9th/Week 27

One word: Airshow.

That’s the only word of the week, really.

My mom took Em, and I got to spend the day at the Vectren Dayton Airshow with Keith. We walked around a LOT, and didn’t spend enough time out of the sunshine.  So I am fried to a crisp, frankly, but the photos are well worth the pain. Here are some of my favorites, but all 50-something are here.

May 29th/Week 21

Day late, dollar short (as they say). But it was Memorial Day, so I get a pass on the Tuesday posting this week. 🙂  That, and I’ve been down with the flu since last Wednesday.  Anyway.

This past week brought about the Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio’s Annual Stakeholders Rally.  Basically, this is a dinner to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the Lions Clubs that have helped us come into existance and thrive as a transplant agency.  In fact, we here at LEB are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year.  Now these shots are nothing fascinating or artsy, but I still think that they’re worth posting – because of this organization and these fine folks, thousands of people are able to see again.  Here are a few from our dinner!

And here are a few from our processing room:

May 7th/Week 18

So, let’s be honest here for a moment. Not every week is going to have interesting stories.  This is one of them. We had rain, rain, rain, and heat, heat, heat all week, so it was pretty ugly here.  But we did get to celebrate Keith’s birthday, go to the drive-in movies for about half a hour before Emma freaked and I gave up, and see the “Super Moon”.  There you have it.  Hopefully it’ll be better this week!