Well, here it is.

My first post outside of the 52-week stream.  After a much-needed break, I finally don’t dread the idea of taking/editing photos anymore.  I haven’t pulled my camera out all that much since Christmas. I’m sorry, dear Nikon. But I did get back into it a bit more lately. As such, I have a mishmash of my last couple months.  A visit to the Boonshoft, a trip to the Sweet Treats Festival, and my newest niece/Goddaughter’s baptism.

The Boonshoft: a few that I love, the rest here.


Sweet Treats Festival: here are a few, the rest are here.


Peyton’s Baptism Day: here are a few, more are here.



January 4th/Week 52

Yup. You guessed it. Christmas – again. I suppose this would be Christmas 2 and Christmas 3.  We traveled to Chicago to see Keith’s family for the actual holiday. It was exhausting, but a lovely visit.  We also got together with my brother and his family, and my mom and step-dad this past Sunday for the final Christmas of the year. It’s one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time.  There are 140 photos in the set, so this is just a small sampling of the ones I love the most.  The rest, as always, are here.

DSC_3557 - Copy
DSC_3574 - Copy
DSC_3590 - Copy
DSC_3620 - Copy
DSC_3664 - Copy
DSC_3705 - Copy
DSC_3740 - Copy
DSC_3781 - Copy
DSC_3791 - Copy
DSC_3794 - Copy
DSC_3813 - Copy
DSC_3822 - Copy
DSC_3827 - Copy
DSC_3866 - Copy
DSC_3882 - Copy
DSC_3889 - Copy
DSC_3924 - Copy
DSC_3933 - Copy
DSC_3944 - Copy
DSC_3959 - Copy
DSC_3976 - Copy
DSC_4005 - Copy
DSC_4094 - Copy
DSC_4098 - Copy
DSC_4121 - Copy


And with this post, my 52-week guarantee has come to an end. I made it two years, at least. Working full-time and being a mom doesn’t leave a ton of time for blogging. I will still be posting photos as frequently as I can, but I made no more guarantees.  To the people who have followed for the last couple of years, THANK YOU. My gratitude is all yours.  ❤

November 28th/Week 47

Ok, so. Let me preface this post by saying that I am using a different computer to go through my photos. So the watermark changed, and the photos may actually look different since the colors and brightness can vary by monitor when you’re not calibrated.  There’s a good chance that this post may disappear when I get back to the normal comp and see how they look at that point. For now, though, here’s what I’ve got.

As we all know, last week brought us Thanksgiving.  Along with Thanksgiving, it was also my niece’s 2nd birthday party (cowgirl-themed).  So we traveled down to hang out with my brother and his family for the day.  Here are a few that I love, and the rest can be found in my SmugMug page.

Paige likes to play shy at first…

…until you introduce the cake.

Then she’s quite happy to give you a grin.

My brother, Mike, is a seriously great dad. 

What a gorgeous family, right?

Keith was kind enough to take this shot.  

Peyton was flying high…

…and giving me big grins.

Emma kept herself pretty well entertained chasing toys and cousins around.

And the birthday girl totally earned her nickname – RamPaige.

November 15th/Week 45

BIRTHDAY! That’s the word of the week.

Our darling daughter, Emma, turned one this past Saturday.  We had a kick-ass Rock Star-themed party, replete with friends, family, food and fun.  A lot of the photos were taken by me, but a lot of the party photos were taken by Emma’s birthmother after I handed my camera over so that I could actually BE IN some of the shots.

Yeah, that’s right, a ton of Emma’s birth family came to the party. It was amazing. We had probably around 70 or so people there throughout the evening, including NINE other adoptees that we just happen to know, and we had four states represented. Emma had all three sets of her grandparents there, her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mike, and all three of her cousins, as well as her birthmother, birthfather, birth aunt and uncle, and birth grandmother and father. It was a beautiful, amazing, touching sight to see all of these people there for Em, wanting to be a part of her life, and loving her such a staggering amount.

Anyway. I ramble. Here are a few of the 70 photos that I narrowed it down to, and as always, here are the rest.  If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll also find her official ONE-YEAR shot! It was more of a candid shot, but I love it.

And finally, the official ONE-YEAR shot (and the last of the every month photos):

September 24th/Week 38

We had a CRAZY week in the Klein house last week. Not only did we have some time off, not only was my mom in the hospital with meningitis all week, but we managed to get to the park, to Newport Aquarium, and up to Columbus to visit family, as well.  Here’s a selection of the ones I was happiest with – but there are a TON more of them here.

Bomberger Park:


Newport Aquarium:


August 13th/Week 32

This past week, a few cool things took place.  Emma was lucky enough to get to hang with Grandma, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Paige again, this time at our house.  Also, she got to see her first roller derby bout, courtesy of the Gem City Roller Girls having a bout against Toledo this weekend.  Emma also got to go to her first German Festival for lunch Sunday (she LOVED the sauerkraut and German potato salad).  Finally, Em turned NINE MONTHS.  Where has the time gone?

As always, here are some of the favorites – but the rest can be seen here.

The Visit:

At first, Em was a little taken aback by the clear enthusiasm Paige was showing.

That is until Uncle Mike taught her how to tickle.

She quickly became a tickling expert with her scratchy, pinchy little fingers.

But then Paige decided it was time to show off the skills she learned at dinosaur week at her daycare. The roaring was terrifying.

So, understandably, Emma needed some Grandma snuggles.

And Paigey needed some Daddy snuggles – I presume she even terrified herself with the roaring.

After the snuggles, everyone was friends again. No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these photos.

The Bout:

Em didn’t quite understand what was happening, but she did really like the disco balls once the lights went down.

The Gem City Roller Girls were rough and ready.

The skating was fast…

The skirts were short and the shorts were tight (which made Keith happy).

There was quite a fan following.

A few elbows were thrown.

Emma spent some time practicing her mobility – I assume she is hoping to be a GCRG one day.

In the end, after all the hard work, GCRG came out on top.

German Festival:

The only decent shot I got from the day – Emma is starting early. She was chewing on the empty bottle neck like it was her job. I’m sure we weren’t being judged at ALL. 🙂

And finally, Emma turns nine months:

Thanks to Keith’s parents for coming up with a clever nine-month theme!

July 30th/Week 30

Hi, all.  Thanks to a change in plans, we made it to see my brother/SIL’s new house. It was AH-MAZING.  But even cooler – Em got to hang with cousin Paige, who is just about a year older.  Antics ensued and were captured as best I could with a speed demon toddler, a very curious and busy baby, and boxes calling out to both girls.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.

Emma played with the stools in the basement.  Good practice standing, I guess.

Then she was checking out her Uncle Mike.  She’s as confused as the rest of us. 🙂 (love you, big bro)

She practiced climbing stairs.

She hung with her GORGEOUS oldest cousin, Taylor.

It was chaotic, and loud, and amazing.

Uncle Mike had some playtime with Emma.

Paige and Emma played ball. Paigey was kind enough to share very nicely.

It was stiff competition. But fun was had.

Paigey was enjoying the attention and sunlight.

She enjoyed some hugs from Grandma.

It was an intense afternoon, and Emma was zoning out a little by the end of it.

But sweet Paige was still going strong.

She was mostly just hungry.  

After a nice hug…

And a very intense and determined smooch…

The afternoon was over and we said goodbye, got in the car, and Emma passed out immediately.

January 9th/Week 1

So begins a new year’s worth of blog posts (I hope).

More Paige, and of course more Emma this week.  🙂

Paige came over to visit her cousin.

She did not care for the Salt and Vinegar chips she was encouraged to try for the first time.

At all, in fact.  Not even a little bit.

What she did like was the empty beer bottle.  And we also liked that she liked it, as it provided ample opportunity to take photos of her and use them against her later in life.  Like at her high school graduation, perhaps, or her wedding.

Emma also had a nice bath in her new tub.

She’s never quite sure what to think about the whole bathing process, but let’s face it – we don’t call her Stinkerbell for no reason.

As long as it ends with a bottle and a nice warm towel, she can deal with it.

And finally, my sister-in-law is a very talented knitter.  Emma has benefitted greatly from this skill.  She has LOTS of awesome hats. 🙂

December 30th/Week 52

So this is it.  Week 52.  The big question is – should I try this again for another year, or has it run it’s course and I just need to let it go?  Hmmmm.


So Christmas was this week.  To be clear, Emma’s FIRST CHRISTMAS was this week.  And it was awesome.  We got lots of family time, she got to travel to Cleveland with us to meet my Mom’s whole family for the first time (including her great-grandparents), and all said it was another awesome holiday with our Stinkerbell.  I won’t post all 46 photos here, but you can see the rest here.

(shot by Keith)

Festivus for the rest of us.  Keith’s been a part of this tradition for many, many years now.

(shot by Keith)

(shot by Keith – 4 generations)