Happy (super late) 3rd B-day, Blake!

The cutest ones are usually the cheekiest ones, and Blake is no exception. But we got to celebrate his birthday in March with our ridiculous little family, and there was no shortage of fun or noise.  Here is the whole set, full res.



It’s Nearly Easter, so why not post Christmas 2016?

The title says it all. We had our family Christmas in Dayton in the early part of 2017 because that’s how cool and chill we are and not at all because we’re all so ridiculously busy that it’s the only time we could all manage to be in the same room. <ahem>

Here‘s the whole set!


Thanksgiving 2016

I love my family. Deeply, wholly, and forever. So when my brother and SIL initiated a conversation about using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get out of town for a weekend, everyone included, we jumped at the chance. We all bundled into our cars and met up at Murphin Ridge Inn in West Union, OH. We spent time together, drank and ate all our meals together, and let the kids run wild in the countryside getaway. It was awesome and perfect.  These are my people and I love them greatly. These are some of my best shots, but you can see every one here.



2015 Mishmash

Prepare yourself – this post will be chock-full of a total mishmash of 2015 photos. Frankly, I don’t have the patience to go back and post things in order and a little at a time anymore. I wanna get to recent stuff, darn it! So, here are enough events and photos to blow your face off – in no particular order.

Liberty Tower (all found here)

Once in a great while, photographers get the unique opportunity to shoot somewhere that cameras normally are not allowed. This is one of those times: Liberty Tower, located in downtown Dayton, has been around since the 30’s and is a very architecturally unique building in the Art Deco style.


Full Eclipse (all here)



Mackinac Island (all found here)

Keith and I managed to escape, child-free, for a trip to Mackinac Island. It was glorious. We relaxed, we biked, we walked, and we generally enjoyed time away from being responsible.


A family affair (here, here, here, here, and here)



The End of 2015. Thanks, and come again. 🙂

Meeting Blake

On March 11, 2014, Mister Blake came into this world and made my brother a 4th time Dad; now that there was another little Griesser man to contend with, we were all feeling both excited and terrified. Hopefully, he will take after his mother. 🙂 Because I couldn’t justify using my flash, I had to embrace the noise. Here are a few that I love, and the rest can all be seen here.

First visit:


After this most awesome of visits, it was a little while before we got to come hang out again. But when we did, little Mister Blake had done quite a lot of changing (as babies are wont to do). I’m including a few of the ones I love the most, but as always, I uploaded the entire batch on my SmugMug.


XMas 2013

So, here’s the thing. I’m ONLY 3 years behind on photos. It’s been a busy few years here for us… but slowly, I’m going to work on getting this ol’ blog back up to speed.

Here’s Christmas of 2013 – from what I recall, I was fresh off a hysterectomy, Emma was two, Peyton was one, Paige was 3, Blakey was still in utero, and everyone came to our house to celebrate together. Here are some of my favorites, but here are the rest.

Christmas Morning:


Family Visit:


And obviously, nothing says Christmas like Netflix’s finest offering.


Lots to Catch Up On

My oh my, how time flies. This post is just going to be a mish-mash of catch-up photos. I will likely post more photos here than anyone really wants to see. However, as always, the full galleries will be included via link by topic.  Without further adieu…

Baseball and Bridges: We had our first season Dragons game, and then I got to photograph some bridges again. Gallery here.


Another Easter: So my dad came in from Virginia, and we decided to do a little late Easter celebration with my brother and his adorable family since my dad never really sees our families together. We had a lovely time, and here are a few of my favorite shots.  Gallery here.


Roses: So it was the day after Mother’s Day, and I was shopping. I came across this bin of sad, lonely, half-priced roses that no one ever bought for their Mom. Don’t read anything into this – my Mother’s Day was FABULOUS.  But I decided to pick up a dozen because they were just too pretty, and it gave me a grand reason to pull out my macro lens.  Gallery here.


And, finally….

Carlyssa Visits: We hadn’t seen Emma’s birthmom since her birthday party in November. So when we finally get together again, we had such a lovely visit. She spent most of the day with us, and we walked to the park and let Emma play for awhile.  Then we came home, fed the kid, had our own dinner, and chilled out.  Gallery here.


The End. 🙂