Emma had her first game, and I brought the big camera. However, because I have mom-brain, I forgot to put the memory cards back in from the last time I took them out to get the photos. So, MOM FAIL.

However, I did remember to bring everything for her second game, so you’re just gonna have to deal. LET ME LIVE, OK? 🙂

I digress. Here are a ton of photos from the game (or as I like to call it, spaz-ball).  High res are here.



Sporty Shorty

In the attempt to wear our daughter out, we have signed her up for multiple sports this year. She played soccer for the second year in a row, and started t-ball.  Now, stick with me here, because when I say “played” or “sports”, I’m going to try to give you an accurate mental picture: in your mind, try to see… like… a dozen spastic kittens all chasing an invisible ball of yarn being blown around by a strong and unpredictable breeze. Sometimes these kittens chase the yarn, sometimes they trip over their own paws, sometimes they just wrestle each other or swat at equally invisible butterflies.

It’s hilarious. And adorable. I got a ton of shots of her practices, with the high res set here.


Doug’s Nascar Ride-Along

So there’s this dude named Doug. I’ve known him for…oh… like15 years or so. He’s been officially my step-dad for the last 8-ish years. He’s mostly pretty ok. I mean, we’re not THOSE kind of people who proclaim their love for each other in any way besides calling each other names and punching shoulders and generally giving each other a lot of crap.

If we WERE “those” people, I’d probably say something like this: He might be quiet, but he’s present. He might be gruff, but he’s strong. He might be young, but he’s an old soul. And he might not be a blood family, but he would shed blood for our family. He’s an amazing “gampa” to Em, a good husband to my mom, and a good man for those he loves. And we are lucky to be counted among that group.

But he’s still a dork, and he can bite me.  ::clears throat, sniffles::

Anyway, I digress.  Em and I decided to get Doug a Nascar ride-along experience for Father’s Day.  For a guy who stays pretty quiet, he was unusually effusive when he opened the card. And on a few Saturdays ago, I rode down to Kentucky with Mom and Doug so that I could take some photos.  I’ve narrowed down to some of my favorite shots, but as always, the rest can be viewed here.



Dayton Airshow, Supermoon 2013, and Fireworks

The airshow this year was gorgeous, but SO HOT. Emma got to watch the planes, play in a bouncy house, and meet a police puppy.

The supermoon was amazing. I am fascinated by stars and the moon, but since I live in a city it’s hard to catch things most of the time because of the ambient light.

The fireworks – well. I’m sure they would have been even more incredible had we not had a downpour that ruined most of my chances to get any shots, so I worked with what I had. I got a few shots I really liked.

Per the usual, all of the shots are here – but my favorites are below.


Lots to Catch Up On

My oh my, how time flies. This post is just going to be a mish-mash of catch-up photos. I will likely post more photos here than anyone really wants to see. However, as always, the full galleries will be included via link by topic.  Without further adieu…

Baseball and Bridges: We had our first season Dragons game, and then I got to photograph some bridges again. Gallery here.


Another Easter: So my dad came in from Virginia, and we decided to do a little late Easter celebration with my brother and his adorable family since my dad never really sees our families together. We had a lovely time, and here are a few of my favorite shots.  Gallery here.


Roses: So it was the day after Mother’s Day, and I was shopping. I came across this bin of sad, lonely, half-priced roses that no one ever bought for their Mom. Don’t read anything into this – my Mother’s Day was FABULOUS.  But I decided to pick up a dozen because they were just too pretty, and it gave me a grand reason to pull out my macro lens.  Gallery here.


And, finally….

Carlyssa Visits: We hadn’t seen Emma’s birthmom since her birthday party in November. So when we finally get together again, we had such a lovely visit. She spent most of the day with us, and we walked to the park and let Emma play for awhile.  Then we came home, fed the kid, had our own dinner, and chilled out.  Gallery here.


The End. 🙂

August 13th/Week 32

This past week, a few cool things took place.  Emma was lucky enough to get to hang with Grandma, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Paige again, this time at our house.  Also, she got to see her first roller derby bout, courtesy of the Gem City Roller Girls having a bout against Toledo this weekend.  Emma also got to go to her first German Festival for lunch Sunday (she LOVED the sauerkraut and German potato salad).  Finally, Em turned NINE MONTHS.  Where has the time gone?

As always, here are some of the favorites – but the rest can be seen here.

The Visit:

At first, Em was a little taken aback by the clear enthusiasm Paige was showing.

That is until Uncle Mike taught her how to tickle.

She quickly became a tickling expert with her scratchy, pinchy little fingers.

But then Paige decided it was time to show off the skills she learned at dinosaur week at her daycare. The roaring was terrifying.

So, understandably, Emma needed some Grandma snuggles.

And Paigey needed some Daddy snuggles – I presume she even terrified herself with the roaring.

After the snuggles, everyone was friends again. No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these photos.

The Bout:

Em didn’t quite understand what was happening, but she did really like the disco balls once the lights went down.

The Gem City Roller Girls were rough and ready.

The skating was fast…

The skirts were short and the shorts were tight (which made Keith happy).

There was quite a fan following.

A few elbows were thrown.

Emma spent some time practicing her mobility – I assume she is hoping to be a GCRG one day.

In the end, after all the hard work, GCRG came out on top.

German Festival:

The only decent shot I got from the day – Emma is starting early. She was chewing on the empty bottle neck like it was her job. I’m sure we weren’t being judged at ALL. 🙂

And finally, Emma turns nine months:

Thanks to Keith’s parents for coming up with a clever nine-month theme!

June 11th/Week 23

I’ve SO not been in the photo mood lately.  It’s been a struggle to get out and do much of anything with my camera.  However, we did get to attend another of our season baseball games this past Friday night. Emma loved it, of course. In fact, she made it onto the big screen! We also celebrated Emma’s 7th month by forcing the kid into the humid outdoors and taking a couple photos. She was NOT having it – but the first shot and the last shot turned out pretty well.  So, here they are!

7-Month Shot:

This was the runner-up –

And this was our winner:

May 14th/Week 19

This week, the Klein family hung out at the park for awhile.  Also, Emma celebrated her 6-month birthday – she partied hard.  Finally, I was granted the honor of taking part in photographing a 5k for Girls on the Run Dayton.  It’s an organization which provides support and encouragement for girls from 3rd grade to 8th grade to encourage healthy living. Their big event is the 5k, which happened Saturday morning at Welcome Stadium in Dayton.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the week, but the rest can be found here.


Girls on the Run:


And the winner was a dude. Seriously.

And finally, Emma’s 6-month shot:

Third place:


And the clear winner: 

April 30th/Week 17

This was a busy week for the Klein household.

I managed to pop up to Columbus with Miss Emma to vist some friends, which was pretty awesome.  Besides that,  I had a fabulous date with my fabulous husband at a fundraiser for Stivers School for the Arts, which happens to be right next to our neighborhood, followed by a movie and drinks/dessert at a restaurant overlooking the city.  The fundraiser was pretty sweet – it was for Stivers ceramics department where you chose a handmade bowl, and get it filled with some delicious soups from awesome local restaurants, along with dessert and punch/water.  It was awesome, and we got some super-cool bowls to take home.  Saturday the 28th was the March for Babies, which held a special place for me this year. I’m proud to say that my friend’s team rasied just over $1270 for the March of Dimes this year.

Here are some of the shots I love, but here are the rest (there are seventy-some all-said).

The Emmas (aka Emma the Red and Emma No-Legs)

Date Night:

March for Babies: