September 23rd/Week 38

So this past weekend, from Friday to Sunday, was pretty great… unless you like short posts with very few photos.

Keith’s parents came into town for the festivities.


Nothing too exciting happened on Sunday – but on Friday, my husband bravely Spiderman-d down a 27-story building after raising over $1K to benefit the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.  That was terrifying to watch, but I’m guessing more terrifying to actually DO.  The same evening, I had 4 of my photos on display downtown for the “Downtown in Focus” competition.  Out of over 200 entries, professional and amateur, three out of my four won Honorable Mentions.  So here are some shots of our Friday night:

This was my initial glance up at the building my husband would be rappelling down.  ::gulp::

And this was my first glance at my husband, over the edge and looking a little nuts.

And now he’s just showing off. 🙂

As he is nearing the bottom, I start to breathe again.

Congrats, Keith!

This was one of my four displayed photos, and one of the three Honorable Mentions – the July 4th fireworks.

Here are two of the other three – one Honorable Mention, and one not – the bridge next to my head, and the fireworks again. Sadly, I didn’t get a shot of the third Honorable Mention.


Now on Saturday morning, we all got up way too early to go watch the demolition of the gigantic smokestack downtown.  Since Keith works for the City, he’s in the know about a lot of these cool events and demo sites.  And because I’m married to Keith, I get the chance to shoot some pretty cool stuff.  Lucky me. 🙂 

Shop talk and gathering excitement…

This gentleman was doing the demonstration and explanation to the button pushers.

Last glimpse of the smokestack that has been part of our skyline for a long, long time.

After the boom, we see the first puff of smoke and debris coming from the base.

And there she goes.

Onlookers seem fascinated, myself included.

Once she hits the ground, the ash and debris start swirling….

…enough to eventually obscure the sun, temporarily.

We all start wandering to the site, once the air has cleared a bit and we’re assured that it’s once again relatively safe.

And the smokestack is no longer.


September 9th/Week 36

This past weekend was glorious and busy.  Gloriously busy, you could say.  We attended an adoption shower for some friends on Friday, a 50th wedding anniversary party for my step-Grandparents Saturday, worked around the house Sunday, and went to our last season baseball game on Monday.  I didn’t take photos of all of those things, but I did manage to shoot the two parties and get some shots that I was pretty happy with! 

Adoption Shower:

Because our friends are all kind of awesome, the shower was thrown at the stadium of the Dayton Dragons, our local minor league baseball team.  It was pretty awesome. 🙂  And our friends looked SO happy.  Hopefully someday…

50th Wedding Anniversary Party:

And you guessed it – Crabcake was in the house, and as cute as always.  My older niece, Taylor, is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!  But the awesome thing is that she is not only so prettty – she’s also smart.  And athletic.  And a KIND person, and an amazing big sister.  I’m so proud of both my nieces!

The happy couple!

If my sister-in-law and niece weren’t so freaking sweet and easy to love, I’d resent them for their sheer gorgeousness…

Doug (Mom’s husband), and his dad seemed to covet the Crabcake…

And seriously.  How lovely is my mom?  I hope I got those genes…

Doug’s mom was having a Janet Jackson moment while opening the gifts.

I got a more traditional family shot, but frankly –  I think this is a much better representation of the Mossbarger clan.

And the aftermath of any good party… empty cans and plates.

And finally, I’d like to present my Crabcake in action, with a handsome little dude at the party:

August 19th/Week 33

This past weekend was great.  We hung with friends Friday night, met up with lot of people Saturday, also got to go disc golfing and then visit my Crabcake girl Saturday, and had a baseball game to attend Sunday.  Here’s a mishmash of shots.  Not all are technically great, but I’m learning to enjoy the shots I’m taking instead of stressing if they don’t turn out perfectly.  I think sometimes the capturing the eye contact or emotion of the moment is more important than the composition…

Anyway, here’s a weekend snapshot!

Disc golfing with our friends and their adorable son:

Visiting with my brother and his gorgeous family (starring the Crabcake, of course):

And this, my friends, is what a homerun looks like:

March 11th/Week 10

60mm, 1/800, f/2.8, ISO 400 – Broomball game at Riverscape pavilion

75mm, 1/320, f/2.8, ISO 400 – Even the geese have no idea what to do with water this high since there are no more pathways to poo on

46mm, 1/25, f/8 ISO 400 – The green-roofed building is where one might usually go to rent Ducks for playtime on the river.  But with this amount of flooding, we might all become ducks pretty soon.

75mm, 1/25, f/6.3, ISO 400 – There’s something about these flowers, dead or not, that I thought was really lovely.

75mm, 1/100, f/5, ISO 400 – Flock of birds watching over the river

28mm, 1/20, f/5, ISO 400 – Riverscape pathways have some gorgeous stone architecture.

40mm, 1/15, f/5, ISO 400 – Downtown Dayton at night