Lantern Festival

Towards the very end up 2016, Keith drove us up to Columbus, OH, to the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival. There’s not a ton I can say about it besides that it was amazing. And freezing. But mostly amazing. Here‘s the whole set of photos.


What’s the Point?

So I have this awesome camera equipment that I’ve managed to be lucky enough to get as gifts since my birthday in July 2010, but I’ve been feeling uninspired since the snow started falling and the light started fading so early in the day.  I decided that it would be a good motivation for me to start a 52-Week Blog so that I was forced/guilted into posting photos at least once every week this year.  I hope that I can manage it, because that’ll force me to be a little more creative with the photos I’m taking so that I don’t bore myself or anyone else!

Here goes…