Port Clinton

For the first time in quite a long while, we took a little bit of a vacation. It was Emma’s first vacation, so our choices were somewhat limited. We wanted to get away, but not be in the car forever. We also wanted to find somewhere to stay where Emma’s ruckus wouldn’t disturb other people too much overnight. So we decided on Port Clinton, and Keith managed to find the very cute Island House Hotel where we rented a suite and had some extra room. We had a pretty low-key vacation. Here are some of my favorites, and the remaining bazillion or so are here.

The Drive Up and Arrival at the Hotel:


African Safari Wildlife Park : (site)


Put-In-Bay: (Interesting note – either bring a car on the ferry, plan on hailing a cab, or rent a golf-cart to drive around the island. Also, driving around the island in a golf cart with a toddler was awesome. Finally, Put-In-Bay is probably a lot more lively when it’s “in season”.)


It was a lovely, relaxing, fun vacation – and I really hope that we can go on another one soon!


Well, here it is.

My first post outside of the 52-week stream.  After a much-needed break, I finally don’t dread the idea of taking/editing photos anymore.  I haven’t pulled my camera out all that much since Christmas. I’m sorry, dear Nikon. But I did get back into it a bit more lately. As such, I have a mishmash of my last couple months.  A visit to the Boonshoft, a trip to the Sweet Treats Festival, and my newest niece/Goddaughter’s baptism.

The Boonshoft: a few that I love, the rest here.


Sweet Treats Festival: here are a few, the rest are here.


Peyton’s Baptism Day: here are a few, more are here.


September 24th/Week 38

We had a CRAZY week in the Klein house last week. Not only did we have some time off, not only was my mom in the hospital with meningitis all week, but we managed to get to the park, to Newport Aquarium, and up to Columbus to visit family, as well.  Here’s a selection of the ones I was happiest with – but there are a TON more of them here.

Bomberger Park:


Newport Aquarium:


August 29th/Week 34

Apologies. I spent my weekend visiting some friends in Texas and didn’t get back till late-ish Monday night. However, I do finally have some photos to show for it. It was a wonderful visit, and I was sad to leave – but I’m so happy to be home with my family again.  Here are a few I like, and the rest are here.

I missed my little family.

But I got to the airport and it was very peaceful and quiet.  Especially when I got onto the plane and immediately ordered a drink.

Big Man Jude was there to greet me at the airport.

We finger-painted and made a prayer flag for his little sister, Jocelyn. We made our own for her, as well.

We went to a local place and got a couple beer-garitas. And then we decided it was a good plan to go (notsober) Targeting.

I met Xena, warrior Cat.

Ruby was not impressed with the amount of shennanigans while I was there.

There was popcorn (and more drinking) after (notsober) Targeting while we played some games.

Olive mostly just wanted me to sit still so she could lick me or scratch her butt.

After allowing the prayer flags to dry for a couple of days, here’s what we have to show for a weekend. Shortly, they’ll be shipping to Australia for this amazing project. Not a bad weekend, I think.

P.S. Not my finest batch of photos, but it’s hard to shoot when you’re drinking all weekend. That’s all I’ll say.

August 20th/Week 33

It was a pretty quiet week around the Klein house. Emma was sick for most of it, and not really up for doing much. By Saturday afternoon, we were all going stir-crazy and decided to take a quick trip to Cox Arboretum for some fresh air. We knew Em wouldn’t last long, but we made the best of the time we had and hit the butterfly house as well as the new Tree Tower (which, sadly, wasn’t open yet).  Here are a few shots from the day, but as always, the rest are here.


July 23rd/Week 29

We took Emma to the Columbus Zoo.  Seriously, for her benefit. Surely not just so that I could take some photos – it was definitely for Emma’s sake.  Heh. Actually, Emma mostly loved the zoo and went BONKERS over the aquarium section.  It was a really fun day.  I did, by the way, decide that my next pet will be a flying fox because… THEY.ARE.AWESOME.   We also got to have an unexpected but very welcome meetup with Emma’s birthmom.  So here are some favorites, and the rest can be found here.

June 4th/Week 22

This was a pretty slow week until Saturday.  However, we had lots of adventures to make up for the slow week starting Saturday morning!  We had the annual neighborhood Trash ‘n Treasure event – which is basically a neighborhood-wide garage/yard sale. We get phenomenal attendance every year, and this year was no exception.  We got to wander and see lots of cool sales, and also the gorgeous architecture, flowers and wildlife my neighborhood has to offer.  My awesome mom came to hang out with us, and we also took Emma on her first trip to 2nd Street Public Market downtown.  It was a great day, and she looked pretty badass – with her first pair of Converse on. 🙂  Here are a few, but here are the rest.



April 16th/Week 15

We celebrated Easter in Chicago this past weekend (yup, 2 different blog posts) with Keith’s family, including a visit to Elk Park – and yes, there are elk running around.  Well, ok, it was more like sitting and napping, but still.  It was an exhausting weekend, and our first weekend traveling with Emma. There is definitely a learning curve!  But it was a lovely visit, and when we got back home we also got to celebrate with my mom.  Emma also attended her first baseball game – and we had killer seats!  She’ll have to get used to our regular season seats after this, sadly.  And finally, the most important event – Emma turned 5 months old!  She’s getting so big, so quickly.  We are SO LUCKY. I’ll only post a handful of shots, as usual, but the rest are here.

Chicago Easter:


Dragons game:

Easter at home: 

Emma’s 5-month shoot:

Third Choice:


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

October 28th/Week 43

So this week, Keith and I took a little while this past weekend to go to Huffman Dam.  It was another gorgeous fall day, and I’m always happy to spend some time outdoors this time of year.

But here’s what we saw first, spraypainted onto an overpass pillar.  Klassy, right?  Truthfully, it really made me laugh.  Because… seriously… who really feels this way?! 

And now, onto the actual park:

The next two shots were obviously taken by Keith:

And here’s my handsome husband:

But back to the trees:

And now, the obligatory Dood shots of the week: