May 29th/Week 21

Day late, dollar short (as they say). But it was Memorial Day, so I get a pass on the Tuesday posting this week. 🙂  That, and I’ve been down with the flu since last Wednesday.  Anyway.

This past week brought about the Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio’s Annual Stakeholders Rally.  Basically, this is a dinner to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the Lions Clubs that have helped us come into existance and thrive as a transplant agency.  In fact, we here at LEB are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year.  Now these shots are nothing fascinating or artsy, but I still think that they’re worth posting – because of this organization and these fine folks, thousands of people are able to see again.  Here are a few from our dinner!

And here are a few from our processing room:


May 21st/Week 20

No artsy, clever photos this week.  In fact, the majority of these photos were taken by someone else, on auto, with a pop-up flash.  DEAL, people.  Just deal with it. 😉  Because… dum, da dum dum!  It was our finalization week.  We took Emma to court with our families on Tuesday, May 15th, and we finalized her adoption. So she is ours forever in the eyes of the law. 🙂 Afterwards, we met up with Emma’s birthparents for lunch, and they finally met our families. Here are a few from the day, and here are the rest.

May 14th/Week 19

This week, the Klein family hung out at the park for awhile.  Also, Emma celebrated her 6-month birthday – she partied hard.  Finally, I was granted the honor of taking part in photographing a 5k for Girls on the Run Dayton.  It’s an organization which provides support and encouragement for girls from 3rd grade to 8th grade to encourage healthy living. Their big event is the 5k, which happened Saturday morning at Welcome Stadium in Dayton.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the week, but the rest can be found here.


Girls on the Run:


And the winner was a dude. Seriously.

And finally, Emma’s 6-month shot:

Third place:


And the clear winner: 

May 7th/Week 18

So, let’s be honest here for a moment. Not every week is going to have interesting stories.  This is one of them. We had rain, rain, rain, and heat, heat, heat all week, so it was pretty ugly here.  But we did get to celebrate Keith’s birthday, go to the drive-in movies for about half a hour before Emma freaked and I gave up, and see the “Super Moon”.  There you have it.  Hopefully it’ll be better this week!