April 30th/Week 17

This was a busy week for the Klein household.

I managed to pop up to Columbus with Miss Emma to vist some friends, which was pretty awesome.  Besides that,  I had a fabulous date with my fabulous husband at a fundraiser for Stivers School for the Arts, which happens to be right next to our neighborhood, followed by a movie and drinks/dessert at a restaurant overlooking the city.  The fundraiser was pretty sweet – it was for Stivers ceramics department where you chose a handmade bowl, and get it filled with some delicious soups from awesome local restaurants, along with dessert and punch/water.  It was awesome, and we got some super-cool bowls to take home.  Saturday the 28th was the March for Babies, which held a special place for me this year. I’m proud to say that my friend’s team rasied just over $1270 for the March of Dimes this year.

Here are some of the shots I love, but here are the rest (there are seventy-some all-said).

The Emmas (aka Emma the Red and Emma No-Legs)

Date Night:

March for Babies: 


April 23rd/Week 16

There was a little surprise early this week, when a squadron of b-52 Bombers did a fly-over that happened to be in a path right over my office.  It was pretty awesome, and although I didn’t get out there as fast as I’d have liked, I did catch a couple cool shots.  We also had a visit from one of my nieces and my sister-in-law Saturday morning, shortly before an awesome fundraiser for a tavern that a group of fine folks are trying to rehab in my neighborhood.  All said, it was another good week.  Here are a few of my favorites, and here are the rest.

B-52 Fly-By:

Family Visit: 

Paige was showing Emma how to read:

And how to give the puppies in the book kisses:

And then how to give your favorite cousin a smooch on the head (heart explodes from cuteness):

And finally, how to help when there are people smaller than you around (for instance, how to give a baby a pacifier):

Tavern Fundraiser:

And the most awesome photo of all – Emma’s first visit to the St. Anne’s Tavern (not really, don’t call social services on me):

Thanks for the idea, Al. 🙂

April 16th/Week 15

We celebrated Easter in Chicago this past weekend (yup, 2 different blog posts) with Keith’s family, including a visit to Elk Park – and yes, there are elk running around.  Well, ok, it was more like sitting and napping, but still.  It was an exhausting weekend, and our first weekend traveling with Emma. There is definitely a learning curve!  But it was a lovely visit, and when we got back home we also got to celebrate with my mom.  Emma also attended her first baseball game – and we had killer seats!  She’ll have to get used to our regular season seats after this, sadly.  And finally, the most important event – Emma turned 5 months old!  She’s getting so big, so quickly.  We are SO LUCKY. I’ll only post a handful of shots, as usual, but the rest are here.

Chicago Easter:


Dragons game:

Easter at home: 

Emma’s 5-month shoot:

Third Choice:


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

April 2nd/Week 13

It’s hard to believe it’s already week 13 (2.0).  But, there you have it.  This week, we went to the Wright Dunbar section of Dayton where there are some very cool buildings with such lovely paint colors that I couldn’t resist doing some shooting.  The flowers are also in full bloom around our neighborhood.  And finally, Emma started in on rice cereal.  I wasn’t super excited about it, but we also discontinued swaddling, so this seems to help her sleep a bit longer during the night.  Here’s a random selection of shots, and as always, the rest are here.