Happy (super late) 3rd B-day, Blake!

The cutest ones are usually the cheekiest ones, and Blake is no exception. But we got to celebrate his birthday in March with our ridiculous little family, and there was no shortage of fun or noise.  Here is the whole set, full res.



Miscellaneous Fun

Once again, I’m playing catch-up. This post won’t be anything spectacular, because of the three catch-ups I’m doing, this is the least impressive.  LOL, sorry, but honesty is usually best.

Emma tried fingerpainting for the first time. She wasn’t a fan after the first 2 minutes or so.  Also, we finally had an adult date a couple weekends ago. We went to the Melting Pot and enjoyed some awesome fondue and adult beverages. Here are a few, but the rest are on my SmugMug page.


Well, here it is.

My first post outside of the 52-week stream.  After a much-needed break, I finally don’t dread the idea of taking/editing photos anymore.  I haven’t pulled my camera out all that much since Christmas. I’m sorry, dear Nikon. But I did get back into it a bit more lately. As such, I have a mishmash of my last couple months.  A visit to the Boonshoft, a trip to the Sweet Treats Festival, and my newest niece/Goddaughter’s baptism.

The Boonshoft: a few that I love, the rest here.


Sweet Treats Festival: here are a few, the rest are here.


Peyton’s Baptism Day: here are a few, more are here.


January 4th/Week 52

Yup. You guessed it. Christmas – again. I suppose this would be Christmas 2 and Christmas 3.  We traveled to Chicago to see Keith’s family for the actual holiday. It was exhausting, but a lovely visit.  We also got together with my brother and his family, and my mom and step-dad this past Sunday for the final Christmas of the year. It’s one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time.  There are 140 photos in the set, so this is just a small sampling of the ones I love the most.  The rest, as always, are here.

DSC_3557 - Copy
DSC_3574 - Copy
DSC_3590 - Copy
DSC_3620 - Copy
DSC_3664 - Copy
DSC_3705 - Copy
DSC_3740 - Copy
DSC_3781 - Copy
DSC_3791 - Copy
DSC_3794 - Copy
DSC_3813 - Copy
DSC_3822 - Copy
DSC_3827 - Copy
DSC_3866 - Copy
DSC_3882 - Copy
DSC_3889 - Copy
DSC_3924 - Copy
DSC_3933 - Copy
DSC_3944 - Copy
DSC_3959 - Copy
DSC_3976 - Copy
DSC_4005 - Copy
DSC_4094 - Copy
DSC_4098 - Copy
DSC_4121 - Copy


And with this post, my 52-week guarantee has come to an end. I made it two years, at least. Working full-time and being a mom doesn’t leave a ton of time for blogging. I will still be posting photos as frequently as I can, but I made no more guarantees.  To the people who have followed for the last couple of years, THANK YOU. My gratitude is all yours.  ❤

November 15th/Week 45

BIRTHDAY! That’s the word of the week.

Our darling daughter, Emma, turned one this past Saturday.  We had a kick-ass Rock Star-themed party, replete with friends, family, food and fun.  A lot of the photos were taken by me, but a lot of the party photos were taken by Emma’s birthmother after I handed my camera over so that I could actually BE IN some of the shots.

Yeah, that’s right, a ton of Emma’s birth family came to the party. It was amazing. We had probably around 70 or so people there throughout the evening, including NINE other adoptees that we just happen to know, and we had four states represented. Emma had all three sets of her grandparents there, her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mike, and all three of her cousins, as well as her birthmother, birthfather, birth aunt and uncle, and birth grandmother and father. It was a beautiful, amazing, touching sight to see all of these people there for Em, wanting to be a part of her life, and loving her such a staggering amount.

Anyway. I ramble. Here are a few of the 70 photos that I narrowed it down to, and as always, here are the rest.  If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll also find her official ONE-YEAR shot! It was more of a candid shot, but I love it.

And finally, the official ONE-YEAR shot (and the last of the every month photos):

November 5th/Week 44

It was a spoooooooky Halloween week. Well, really it wasn’t so much spooky as adorable. Emma was a strawberry, and she mostly dealt with it very well. Other than that, we got to go to the Pumpkin Glow as a little surprise family date and it was incredible.  Here are a few, but here are the rest.

Halloween Outtakes: (you saw the Halloween shot last week)

Me: “Emma, Eeeeeeemmmmmaaaa, look at Mama!”

Em: “What’s in the pumpkin, Mama? What’s the shiny shiny light?”

Me: “Emma, you can’t eat that! No, honey!”

Emma: “Wanna bet?”

Emma:   ::bites::  “WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH my teeeeeeeeth huuuuurt!”

Me: “Ok, Em, look at this! It’s so green and weird and interesting and stop crying pleeeease!”

Em: “Ok, my heart is basically broken and you’re trying to distract me with OMG THIS THE MOST INTERESTING THING EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD LOOOOOK AT HOW IT STACKS!”

And of course, there are always brightly colored candy bags. Too bad she’s far too young, eh?

The Halloween Shot (from last week):

Pumpkin Glow:

August 29th/Week 34

Apologies. I spent my weekend visiting some friends in Texas and didn’t get back till late-ish Monday night. However, I do finally have some photos to show for it. It was a wonderful visit, and I was sad to leave – but I’m so happy to be home with my family again.  Here are a few I like, and the rest are here.

I missed my little family.

But I got to the airport and it was very peaceful and quiet.  Especially when I got onto the plane and immediately ordered a drink.

Big Man Jude was there to greet me at the airport.

We finger-painted and made a prayer flag for his little sister, Jocelyn. We made our own for her, as well.

We went to a local place and got a couple beer-garitas. And then we decided it was a good plan to go (notsober) Targeting.

I met Xena, warrior Cat.

Ruby was not impressed with the amount of shennanigans while I was there.

There was popcorn (and more drinking) after (notsober) Targeting while we played some games.

Olive mostly just wanted me to sit still so she could lick me or scratch her butt.

After allowing the prayer flags to dry for a couple of days, here’s what we have to show for a weekend. Shortly, they’ll be shipping to Australia for this amazing project. Not a bad weekend, I think.

P.S. Not my finest batch of photos, but it’s hard to shoot when you’re drinking all weekend. That’s all I’ll say.