November 11th/Week 45

Sorry it’s day late, kids.  Had some family things come up!  But here’s what I got this past week – a trip down to Cincinnati with my amazing mom to make fused glass pendants and a fun bowling date with my darling husband.

Not my finest effort, but you can’t win them all! Also, these are the first shots with my new Nikon D7000 – I am still learning it, so be gentle.

It was just GORGEOUS outside early this week.

This was the first pendant I made – we’ll see how it turns out after the kiln!

And this was the one Mom and I made together, for reasons that shall become obvious over the next little while.

This was the one my mom made – she’s very talented! And if you can’t tell, her favorite color is purple. 🙂

Keith and I wear the same size bowling shoes.  But I couldn’t seem to convince him to steal them for me.  Booooo.

We had our choice of some truly technicolor balls (that’s what she said).

And while we only played two games (Keith won the first, I won the second) – he did beat me on pin average.  THIS TIME.


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