December 9th/Week 49

More visitors this week for our sweet Emma Christina, as well as some shots around our neighborhood for an article for the local paper:

She met Jenny and her daughter, Caroline.


She also got to meet a friend of mine, and also one of our favorite neighbors, Maureen.

Emma also got to know another friend and favorite neighbor, Alison.

She also got to meet Aneesa, a friend I’ve had for maaaaany, many years.

But not only was Aneesa there – her mom, Connie, came with her friend, Lisa. 🙂

St. Anne’s:

I got some shots from around our neighborhood yesterday.  Keith spoke with someone from the Dayton City Paper and they wanted to do an article on St. Anne’s Hill and our very popular Christmas tour, but they requested that Keith send them a photo to publish – so of course, it’s no skin off my nose to supply them with one!  Not sure which they’ll use, but here were their choices:

P.S. – I have NO idea why all of these shots look soft on my monitor, but I assure you that they’re crystal clear!


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